Unknowncountry Close Encounter Witness

May 5, 2010
"The great pyramid is designed to be operated by an electrical and magnetic field created by a human being," says musician, inventor and explorer Paul Yates, who has toned with William Henry in the temples of ancient Egypt. William had... continued

Ancient Aliens

April 28, 2010
Giorgio Tsoukalos is the host of the History Channel's Ancient Aliens series and publisher of Legendary Times Magazine. During his many public appearances, he has created a revolution in the study of ancient aliens, revising our understanding of why this... continued

The Expected One

April 21, 2010
Kathleen McGowan is the author of the mega-bestseller The Expected One. She started a new life when she had a vision of Mary Magdalene in Jerusalem. Mary said, "You must help me," and then and there, her life was changed,... continued

Vimana Craft–Are They Still With Us?

April 14, 2010
Serena Wright Taylor explains those mysterious Vimana craft described in ancient texts from India. What were they? Where did they come from? And are they still here? Join William Henry for a fascinating exploration of this very mysterious information, and... continued

Mayan Calendar and the Physics of 2010

April 7, 2010
Mike Bara, the co-author with Richard Hoagland of Dark Mission, discusses his new interest in the spiritual world after a powerful spiritual experience on December 9, 2009. He discovered that what had happened to him was related to the Mayan... continued

Dangerous Legislation

March 31, 2010
A new bill introduced by Senators Joe Lieberman (I-Ct) and John McCain (R-Az) seeks to bar 'enemy combatants' from civilian trials or access to normal representation or due process. But the bill is so vague that it could easily turn... continued

Infinity: the Ultimate Trip

March 24, 2010
Recently, somebody close to Jay Weidner died, and he found that he could not bring comfort to a person who was facing the sorrow and terror of death. So he set out to create a DVD that people coming to... continued

The Presence Portal

March 17, 2010
Michael Brown believes that 2012 represents a serious chance for conscious people to reach a new level of energy. Michael suffered for years with a rare disease, finally abandoning conventional medicine and embarking Michael says that "the 2012 promise can... continued

Soul Rising

March 10, 2010
There is a stunning and unexpected relationship between the coat of arms of George Washington, the US Capitol AND the Aztec Sun Stone that implies that powerful hidden knowledge was shared in the past in ways that are totally hidden... continued

SoulQuest Master Patricia Cori

February 24, 2010
For more than 25 years, Patricia Cori has studied the spiritual paths of indigenous cultures, from the jungle pyramids of the ancient Mayans to the desert tombs of the Pharaohs. Driven to experience the mysteries of ancient cultures, Cori has... continued