We haven’t been able to find out much about this video, which is presently appearing on popular UFO YouTube sites, some of them well known for hoaxing. However, two of our experts have watched the video and report that they cannot determine that it is a fake.

Here are their comments:

Expert 1–"We could be seeing a fairly close lightning strike. Lightning can indeed proceed upward as well as downward. But there are also some questions: The camera loses focus a couple of times during the panning shot, which doesn’t seem right under the circumstances. (These focus shifts are often done in CGI just to make things look "real" — which they don’t, really.) The sound of the thunder seems a bit too neatly recorded to have come from a cellphone (details and explanations on request). The lightning happens to appear neatly framed between two buildings just when the camera is pointing at it.  There are other niggles as well."

Expert 2–"It looks like lightning to me. But…that dark object it’s pushing up it baffling. It looks solid and doesn’t change shape. Beats the hell out of me but it’s not CGI."

So there you have it. Perhaps a lightning strike, but it does appear to be pushing something upward. This could be a cloud formation, but the video is perplexing. You will find all sorts of premature and unsupportable conclusions about what this is, ranging from a "holographic test" to a "UFO going through a wormhole." In fact, it is not clear what it is. Not graded.

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