There have been a number of UFO sightings in Arizona recently, one on April 10 which was photographed by one witness, Maricio Morales, and, according to Mr. Morales, videotaped by another witness a hundred miles away.

Approximately 10 minutes prior to the sighting, a large meteor was sighted over the region, but the anomaly does not appear to have been related to it. Mr. Morales states, "ABC15 is reporting that the photos were part of the meteor. They were not. The meteor struck about 10 minutes before I pulled over on HWY 95 and got footage of these lights. The difference in lighting you see in the photos is because I was using different settings to get a more visible photo of what they were."

The witness who wrote Unknowncountry on April 18 stated, "Last night as my husband and I were sitting outside watching our new firepit – we were in the dark with no other lights on other than a softly glowing propane fire, I looked up into the sky and to the right of Venus in the East at approximately 8:15 PM, I saw a huge upside down triangle of lights." Both husband and wife saw them, and they disappeared one by one. This is a very typical description of a nighttime UFO triangle event.

Mr. Morales’ photographs could be atmospheric refractions of car lights, but not if a video was made from the opposite side of the state, and not all of Mr. Morales’ photos look like refractions. The Unknowncountry witness does appear to have seen something anomalous on April 17.

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