NASA has provided an explanation of the solar prominence that has caused so much speculation about UFOs near the sun. As NASA claims, it may simply be an ordinary form of solar prominence that happened to briefly emerge into an unusually regular shape, or it may represent an aspect of the sun’s behavior that we have not seen before. In this video taken from YouTube, it can be seen abruptly breaking up, except for one problem: the frames of tape in which the breakup actually takes place are missing. Even the timecode is missing. Why? Because the video was edited, apparently by the Youtuber who posted it, in order to make it appear that the curved part of the prominence "turned on its warp drive" and just disappeared. The truth? In NASA’s version of the video, which is entirely UNEDITED, the prominence can be seen doing what they always do–collapsing in a normal manner.

Another example of internet hype being pushed by a cynical jerk. Want to know what really happened? Read Linda Moulton Howe’s expertly authored report and watch both the doctored video AND the real video. Click here.

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