A large and complex crop formation has appeared in Salinas, California, in a field containing barley two feet high. Two videos made at night that showed some elements of the formation and flashes of light in the area have both been removed from YouTube, and replaced by a much clearer video that could be a recreation. There is daytime video of the formation, which is a circle about an acre in diameter enclosing what appears to be a representation of an electronic chip that contains a central field in braille. The braille repeats the number 192. In this video, a braille expert offers an explanation.

Linda Moulton Howe reports that a witness who entered the formation has told her that the way that the crop has been laid down is extremely precise. Read her report on the formation here. The field has reportedly been sealed off by a private security service, Echelon Security, and the formation is expected to be destroyed today.

There is no way to make a final determination about whether or not this is a hoax, but this seems increasingly likely as there is another report stating that locals saw people in the area over a period of days prior to the appearance of the formation.

Whitley Strieber comments: "This looks like a manmade hoax to me, largely because of the use of braille as a means of providing an intriguing but probably meaningless puzzle. However, it should also be noted that Iridium 192 is the isotope that has most often gone missing, and one that could be used to create a dirty bomb."

UPDATE: The Nvidia Corporation is claiming that it created the crop formation to promote a new microchip, but that doesn’t change the fact that the number of UFO sightings in California and adjacent states has risen dramatically over the past month.

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