The first part of this video involving a doll’s head moving on its own could have been created using CGI, but we don’t think so because the second part of the video is difficult to explain as a hoax.

One of our video experts comments:

"The first one could have been CGI. — the very poor resolution of the video can cover that sort of thing up very well.

"The second one is harder to explain. Puffs of air from hidden outlets (where??) could explain the papers, but the rest would have had to be accomplished with magnetic devices and very thin monofilament lines strung in various directions (hidden by poor video resolution … and some crafty editing, because the girl’s path would have had to cross at least one of those lines — the one that would have been used to pull the tabletop toward the sofa.).

"But with that said, the objects’ quality of motion looks convincingly anomalous, the girl’s reactions seem natural, and I can see no actual evidence of trickery." 

Another disagrees:

"Stop motion animation on the doll. It’s been placed in after the fact. The stuff moving on the table looks like its done with a fan. But the heavier objects are a question and the table. But in the low res image wires could have easily been hidden.

"Looks like its faked to me. Especially the single frame animation which I’m so familiar with."

We rate this one B, possibly real, which gets to the question of what in the world is happening here? If real, it’s really a most unusual video.

Thanks to CoasttoCoastAM for bringing this to our attention!
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