This footage shows a military jet turning toward an unknown object in the sky above Bossier City, Louisiana which is near Barksdale AFB. The witness reported that the object slowly appeared to get smaller, then disappeared altogether. She said that there was heavy military activity in the area at a later time.

In an interview conducted by UFO researcher Leslie Kean with Defense Department expert Christopher Mellon on Huffington Post on May 10, Mr. Mellon stated, "I highly doubt DoD or any other government agency is concealing UFO information. I participated in a comprehensive review of DoD’s black programs and spent over a decade conducting oversight of the national foreign intelligence program, an almost totally separate world of secrets. I visited Area 51 and other military, intelligence and research facilities. During all those years, I never detected the faintest hint of government interest or involvement in UFOs." 

Perhaps he did not have "need to know" to be informed of incidents like this. There are many cases where military aircraft have been observed by witnesses to be chasing UFOs, including one in Stephenville, Texas which was documented by MUFON investigators using the Freedom of Information Act. Researcher Ken Cherry was interviewed about this case on Dreamland in October of 2008. Subscribers can listen here.

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