This high strangeness photo was taken by a witness in Alameda, California on December 29. The sighting was a close one, and the object was flashing rapidly and moving too erratically to be a drone. Shortly, a second, similar object appeared. The sighting was reported to MUFON and is on their database.

Rapidly flashing UFOs are fairly rare, but not unknown. A number of flashing UFOs were observed over the UK in the latter half of 2015, including this one in Warwickshire.

This is an image of one of the objects observed in Alameda on the 29th, taken by the witness:

A note from your Out There editor: we have experienced a long period of low UFO sightings, which has been filled in by the usual hoaxes, mislabeled stars, meteors, etc. However, over the next five years the number of actual unknowns in our skies will gradually increase. Out There will be watching!

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