This is a typical example of a high-flying fastwalker moving across the sky. Sometimes YouTube hoaxers will video a satellite, then alter the speed of the video. It does not appear to have happened here. The creator of this video provided an excellent description of this videotaping session:

Using a Pulsar Recon 550 digital monocular and a Yukon MPR, what was initially thought to be satellite was tracked and film. You will see in the footage that the first object is quite faint but you can see it moving in a straight line through the shot. Then a second object moving much quicker enters the shot but as it moves parallel to the first object and too the right of it, it suddenly moves away from it. It clearly increases its distance from the first object.

Both objects were moving towards North West. A tripod was not used in this instance, because I am not a specialist and boast about having the best tripods. The one I use is good enough for what I do and is light weight and quick to set up but does not tilt straight up.

(Please note that the time on the footage is one hour behind due to British summer time effect.)

Now these are UFOs because they cannot be identified easily. Satellites move it a set orbit at high speed in space, but cannot just simply ‘move away’ from another object so quickly. NORAD monitors space traffic and satellite operators are notified in advance of possible collisions so they can adjust the orbit to move out of the way.

But in this footage the object on the right clearly moves away from the first and increases its distance. Is it high altitude aircraft operating in space? Could they be drones? Could they be satellites?

Or are they extraterrestrial?

Equipment used: Pulsar Recon 550 digital night vision monocular, recorded onto a Yukon MPR with 4gb SD card. Recorded above the Longmynd Hills in Shropshire UK on 19/04/2013
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