This was received in our close encounter submission form, and is typical of a number we have received recently involving close encounters with triangles.

Details of Encounter: It was Thanksgiving night, and we had just finished celebrating and my daughter said let’s go for a drive see all the people at the mall who wake up early and go Black Friday shopping "biggest sale day of the year." As we are driving around I see a weird looking object with 3 white lights and my daughter says what are you looking at and I immediately pointed out the window, it was triangle in shape and was floating basically in air however it was slient, and it moved so gracefully it even looked like it started to tumble and then we lost the sighting because of the trees. We were both amazed not stop talking about it we started driving around to look to see if we could follow it but we lost it so about 15 minutes later we say lets just go home all of a sudden coming basically right in front of us maybe 75 feet above our windshield we see it up close like it was following us or knew we were looking for it!!!! we are right by a private air port but this was no airplane it was dead quite and fast moving we were so amazed we were like wait lets get a pic with our phone however by the time we snapped a pic it moved so quickly but we did catch it from a distance. I was hoping i could upload the picture. We can’t figure out if its a drone or a ufo. I am staying anonymous for my own protection.

Editor’s comment: There are no known drones that function like this, but it is typical of a type of triangular UFO that has been seen frequently around the world for over fifty years.

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