We have received this report from a UC reader in the Punjab. It appears to be an orb sighting, but as the witness points out, it could be something else. Your thoughts and reports are welcome in the comments section below. We have a readership in India and across Asia, so if anyone else in those areas in particular has seen anything like this recently, let us know. The motion described doesn’t rule out a sky lantern moving on a steady breeze, but it is also possible that this was an unknown.

"Dear All, it was very surprising night. Some of our family members were sleeping but my younger daughter and mother suddenly woke up ( may be  for drinking water), and my daughter saw a red colored glowing ball of light, and she woke me up.  I observed that it was not a holicoper , not a airplane as there was no sound, but it was continuousely running in a horizontal motion at a continuous speed. We observed this for 7-10 minutes.

"Initially I thought that it may a lantern tied to kite or a glowing balloon but these two things either stay still or or disappear into the sky. They do not move horizontally."

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