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Date of Sighting/Encounter (if known): November 7, 2010
  Time of Sighting/Encounter (if known):
  Location of Encounter: Rural road Southern New Jersey Cumberland County
of Encounter:
I have traveled the same route for a couple of years for a weekly gathering of friends. I have always noticed the lights in the sky as there are lots of farm fields that open up the sight distance. I have lived local to an air base all of my life and know the difference between military/commercial traffic and whatever these are. Within the the last year there has been alot to see out here. Last night was the most uncomfortable i’ve felt riding down the back roads home. I saw several low flying almost stationary craft with bright lights. I had an encouter with one flying low very slow just at the side of the road above the trees about twice the height of the trees. It was the closest and clearest I have ever seen one. I was frustrated and quite afraid. I really wanted to be able to pull over so I could actually see what the craft really looked like. It was either triangle or rectangularly shaped. Had I had the nerve and a camera the shots would have been similar to those from Belguim. The area I am speaking of is in Cumberland County, Malaga Rd. I also emailed MUFON hoping someone braver than I can take some time to video or photograph what I saw. There is alot of activity in the area. The time was 7ish.

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