I had been very hesitant to post this Boyd Bushman video in Out There because I did not feel that it was truthful, to be blunt. My primary reason for this is that it presents a simplistic and almost childish vision of ‘the aliens.’ Whatever the origin of the experience of UFOs and their apparent occupants, it is very complicated and multilayered, and this is simple, simple stuff. But I had no factual basis for disbelieving it. However, Whitley Strieber, it turns out, knows a respected reporter who interviewed Mr. Bushman in 2012, and came away with two impressions: 1. his story was very weak, as was his description of his background; 2. he and his wife both appeared quite uneasy while the documentary crew involved was there.

Here is what the reporter has to say:

"When I asked if he had any college degrees in physics or other advanced science degree, he at first didn’t want to talk about education. But finally after I persisted, he admitted on camera he had no Masters or Ph.D. degrees in any subject.The images Mr. Bushman showed us taped to cardboard as allegedly his private, confidential government insider images of extraterrestrials — I have seen in a lot of places and seem more like fantasy illustrations than based on actual photographic evidence from Area 51, Dulce, China Lake, Wright Patterson, Eglund and others. When I tried to ask him questions related to firmer information about ET types – even if nothing proved – his answers were like Star Trek quotes, not a scientist’s. In the end, nothing was produced further."

So there you have it. Incidentally, I am not Whitley, for those of you who assume that I am. I have run Out There for a long time, and prefer to remain anonymous.

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