This sighting report comes from a Boston area witness who observed the object described in Amherst, Mass. If you also saw this object, you can use the link to post a sighting report.

"I’ve never looked into UFO websites but would really appreciate some info. Last night I was working in Amherst nh in a private home overnight. House is located at the top of a hill with a view. Looked out the winds at about 11pm in the direction of the towns new boston, Mont vernon and Milford. I think. I thought I saw a shooting star at dirt but then watched a very very brilliant bright light in the sky at treelike height. It was gold toned and brighter than anything I’ve seen in the sky before. It moved a quick jerky motions up and down and side to side not in a large portion of the sky, kept right at the tree line but moved in those motions. Wish I had recorded it but I only watched it for about 2 or 3 minutes then it was gone. I do not follow UFO sightings or story’s yet im not in disbelief as to what I saw, I know what I saw wasn’t usual.  I’ve tried looking this morning on the web to see if there was anything about but haven’t found anything yet, I need to know someone else saw it."

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