New Observations is delighted to welcome Juliano Pozati to the podcast.  Brazilian Juliano Pozati is an expert on the life and work of mystic Chico Xavier and his prophecy from 1969 regarding the fate of humanity.  The author of over 400 books, Chico Xavier donated the proceeds from their sale (over 50 million copies sold to date) to the poor of Brazil.  Events that took place at the second Consciousness and Contact conference at the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota last July, 2019, are considered by some to be the fulfillment of the Chico Xavier prophecy regarding humanity joining our galactic family in the Universe.
This is the second part  of a two-part interview.

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  1. There’s an interesting film, Nosso Lar, based on one of Chico Xavier’s books.

  2. Thanks Mia and Juliano for a fascinating set of conversations. I had never heard of Chico Xavier before; and now I am interested in doing more research.

  3. Out here in South Dakota, I wanted to post a comment about Chico Xavier, his prediction, and our conference last year and the one about to come up here in Wasta.

    There is no coincidence that Donald Trump came to the Black Hills just hours before the most powerful eclipse of the year. This full lunar eclipse divides the year between the relatively calm first six months (yes, calm!) compared with what we are about to experience over the next six months. Far more drama is ahead of us in the immediate future. The Black Hills are the heart of the country and the world. The Lakota believe that life began in the Black Hills and humanity populated the earth from there.

    We are in a time of instant manifestation. Stay on the path of moving into the way you want your life and the lives of everyone on the planet to be. We are doing this. It is happening. Reality is plastic and we have the ability to change it.

    The people who come to Whitley’s channel are a special group of individuals who have been working on their spirituality throughout this lifetime. Perhaps many lifetimes. Pay attention to the big picture. There are signs daily that the Berlin Wall of the World is coming down. Be grateful and know that you are part of that process. You are participating in creating a more fair and equitable life for everyone. We can only join our Universal family when we act morally and ethically and can be counted on to do so.

    Last summer we opened an energetic portal. I was told in advance that it would happen. This year we are grounding that energy days after the world is seeing racist America at its worst. I am grateful to Donald Trump for holding the mirror for all of us to witness and feel our collective shadow. He is president because we created the space for him to be president. Very few people could fulfill the role he was given to play. He is a catalyst for change.

    For all that he is, he is just a person looking for acceptance and love. Just like everyone else. We are in the days of the 7th Generation when people of all colors come together and protect the earth. All of us are connected now and will be joining together in Wasta in two and a half weeks. Those who are here physically will take that energy back to their communities all over the country and as far away as Hawaii to plant and cultivate the seeds of change. Wopila!

    Henry Red Cloud will be speaking in Wasta about his great-great-grandfather Chief Red Cloud and the 7th Generation. He will be building a sweat lodge and leading a ceremony for us. This will further the blessings we will all receive. Henry received an honorary doctorate this past May from Washington University. He has been made a chief by the Lakota tribe and is about to receive his feather bonnet. This is an enormous honor. He has been active for decades in bringing sustainable energy to Pine Ridge.

    Stay the course. Sit quietly during the moments when you feel overwhelmed and ask for help and guidance. All of the realms are here to support us as we ground these frequencies of change.

    We have already won.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Mia. I too have a strong intuitive sense that the second half of this year will be very unsettling in conventional terms, and a strong beckoning for many toward spiritual awakening in the midst of the strife which will present. I think the timing of the conference will be ‘the eye of the storm’, a brief quieter interlude. This conference will be a great blessing for all; thank you for organizing it.

  4. Also, if any of you would like to read the latest issue of New Observations Magazine on the Pine Ridge Reservation, please visit our website:

    It contains amazing articles by Stand Rock leader Chase Iron Eyes, screenwriter John Fusco on the making of the film Thunderheart, and over forty paintings by Leonard Peltier who remains in prison for crimes he did not commit. The magazine is free for everyone and will provide you a clear idea of life in the community that has continued to hold the spiritual center for all of us. It is the first thing you will see when you visit the website.

  5. And, an update. A judge just ordered the Dakota Access Pipeline to shut down and be emptied out by August 5th. All of these events are connected. We must hold to our vision of a better world. It is being rebuilt here and now.

  6. All this chaos is indeed throwing on a light on the bad in our world, when its over we will awaken to a new just era.

    I feel it. I am glad I’m here at this junction in time.

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