This is the first in a series of sensing exercise videos created by Whitley Strieber for our subscribers. Each exercise begins with a brief insight, then 20 minutes of silent meditation. They last 25 minutes.

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  1. this is very a student of the world i can always use a teacher :-)..

  2. I just recently joined and you advised me to get up to speed with this meditation. I have been doing my own version for a while, but this is my first time with your voice guiding me.

    In an e-mail, I mentioned that I always think of my Mother as a Red Admiral Butterfly. At the end of the meditation, I stood to look outside and saw a Red Admiral land on the grille of my van and crawl into the engine bay. After a moments contemplation, I took this to mean my Mother travels with me everywhere, to support and help me.

    Thanks for the help, see you at 23:00 😉

    1. yes I think I have a new practice being a subscriber is worth it-

  3. I think consciousness is actually what you are viewing.
    we are consciousness in every way

  4. Ok I had to comment. I did this meditation at 1:00 right after watching the video podcast Whitley did with Anne about a year ago. As the meditation went on, every part of my body you mentioned started to tingle and I could feel a warm heart beat sensation as well. I was wearing a sleep mask but when it gets to the shoulders and head I started getting really intense visuals I can only describe as dancing balls of light, sheets of plasma, and an occasional kalidescope effect. Ever since ive been getting a morse code like buzzing in my left headphone. it just happened again right at 2:22 and the song song “Signs” from the Five Man Electrical Band came on…..hahaha what a great day! Thank you so much!

  5. I started seeking out this meditation after hearing your interview on Next level soul. I found a Gerjieff meditation online which was helpful. Then today. I. joined your subscription and found this. Very nice! I. know if I keep it up 1 or 2x a day I will have quick awakenings in consciousness. This is so much. better than static/guided meditations that send my mind wandering nowhere good. Thanks for the work you are doing for our souls Whitley!

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