Unless you consciously look for such news, you would never know that UFOs continue to be seen by people every day, around the world.

The difference between the reality of the phenomena, and how it is ignored, reminds me of what Alice experienced when she jumped down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. But the twist in our society is that the reality of UFO experience is part of the normal, topside world, while mainstream media coverage is part of Wonderland.

Indeed, our mainstream media has become so incompetent and downright screwy, our political and corporate leaders such self-serving liars, and our common culture so escapist and empty-headed, that I think Wonderland describes this warped reality quite well.

Ironic that UFOs are considered to be bizarre by the official, Wonderland, culture. But then again, maybe not so ironic.

Its astonishing when I reflect on this. In my personal life, outside of my ufological world, I have probably spoken to 120 to 150 people who have shared their personal UFO experiences with me. Basically, they find out that I write on this subject and soon confide to me something they often havent even told their close friends sometimes not even their spouse.

Last week, yet again, a person I met in Wonderland told me about her reality on the topside. This was an encounter from back in 1975, when she was a high school student and witnessed an enormous aerial object hovering low over a building in Rochester, New York, the town where I have lived these past nineteen years. It was late fall, at a time (unbeknownst to her) when there were quite a few military UFO sightings along the northern U.S. border. The object was dark and huge, she said to me. It was absolutely not anything of human origin, she maintains. She never reported this anywhere, and in fact has hardly told anyone after nearly 30 years.

Another person I know someone who is a fairly well-known celebrity in Western New York State had a UFO sighting in May of 1980, just outside Syracuse. It was late afternoon on a sunny day. Driving with a friend, in the small town of Manlius, this person asked his companion if she could see the large object outside her window.

She answered, Im really glad you mentioned that, because I didnt know what I was going to tell you.

According to this person (who also never reported his sighting to any organization), he and his companion got out of the car and watched what he described as right out of a Steven Spielberg movie. It was a classic flying saucer. Silent, hovering over trees, as large as a football field. It has rotating lights around the perimeter red, green, and yellow, as he recalled. The object wasnt doing anything merely hovering silently and impossibly in broad daylight.

Not surprisingly, my acquaintance was rather startled. If were seeing this thing, he decided, other people have to be seeing it as well.

Sure enough, a light commercial aircraft flew by, which he maintains had to have seen the object. At around the same time, a news traffic helicopter Eye in the Sky, as he described it was in the vicinity. He assumed at the time that the crew on board had video equipment and was filming the amazing object.

Then, about a minute or two later, two fighter planes, probably F-15s, buzzed by this object. At this point, it took off like a bullet. In the time it takes to snap your fingers, it was gone. No sound at all.

Its a good thing it left when it did, he said to me, since I was about to dive into my car to get the hell out of there.

The kicker of the story is this. He was sure that this would be on the T.V. news that night, and stayed up till 11 p.m., specifically to hear the much anticipated report about a massive UFO seen just outside Syracuse. But not only was there no story on any UFO, but it seemed to him as though the talking heads in Wonderland went out of their way to downplay anything odd at all. The new announcer actually said, another boring day in Syracuse.

I recall the words of singer and composer Gil Scott-Heron: The revolution will not be televised.

In Wonderland, reality is upside down. Living in this world is like living on a nonstop LSD trip, in which the reality we are being fed bears little to no resemblance to the actual experiences of people. In Wonderland, UFOs are imaginary.

Unfortunately for Wonderlands managers, the operators of those imaginary UFOs dont seem to get the message.

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