In his book, THE KEY, Whitley Strieber writes of an encounter with a stranger in his hotel room during a signing tour promoting a previous book. The author describes the stranger as having skin color of a dusty pale, and comments that it could be as if the stranger could appear as a corpse but for the twinkle in his eyes and an _expression described as a combination of serenity, happiness, and deep, deep humor. Strieber also recounts his conversation with this stranger and relates that the stranger commented that he was there on behalf of the good. The conversation caused Strieber to experience a new level of faith and, in fact, as he states, a new image of God emerged.

Some will dismiss this encounter as a product of a vivid imagination, or too much alcohol, or too little sleep, or even perhaps of a psychotic event. I, on the other hand, believe that Strieber did in fact experience the encounter. While acknowledging that some people require concrete or scientific evidence to consider an event factual, I feel that those of us who believe in God and heaven need give credence to those supernatural events. It is this very belief, or faith, that solidifies our religious convictions.

Those who do not believe will point out that almost all events or occurrences of the past, thought to be miracles, or the supernatural, can now be easily explained with scientificevidence. These points are well taken, but I respond with another this scientific evidence, in most cases, was unknown at the time of these events. In some instances, I feel certain, these miracles could not have been produced without present scientific knowledge and that knowledge did not yet exist.

For those of strong religious conviction a great part of faith is based on the omnipotence of God. Simply stated, if God wishes it to be, it will be and no explanation is necessary. This faith is greatly lacking in science and fact, but that is what faith is all about. To entirely dismiss the possibility of Striebers encounter is to dismiss ones faith in the power of God.

I can provide no concrete evidence of God or of his power to reach out and speak to us through different means. I can, however, state that my belief and faith are true and can only relate that just because I cannot prove the existence of God it does not mean that he does not exist. This reminds me of the old cliché: Just because I am paranoid, it does not mean that they are not out to get me.

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