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Web site The exciting month of November is finally arriving with its two eclipses. The first one is a lunar eclipse on November 8, 2003 at 5:13 PM, PST.

This one is called the Harmonic Concordance and will open Star Gates that have never been opened before. Most people know there is a star gate in the constellation of Orion, although not many know there is also one in the sign of Aesklepius, which is also called Ophiuchus.

This constellation is the 13th sign of the Zodiac and is considered Goddess energy. This is the gateway that is opening on November 8, 2003. The Druids use a 13 sign Zodiac. The Mayans have 13 day wavespells. The 13th tribe of Israel is the Goddess one. There is a painting in an art museum in Israel of a woman that says, the 13th tribe. The United States was founded on the number 13. We had 13 colonies. There were 13 stars on our original flag. If you look at a dollar bill it has the number 13 all over it. Number 13 means transformation. We have been transforming for a number of years now into heart energy, which is feminine energy. This transformation is happening to both males and females.

This lunar eclipse will be greatly affecting the Middle East, the West Coast, Korea, and Mexico. This moon will be on the degree of explosions, bombs, and nuclear energy – look at how the Sun has already been erupting with huge flares. The Earth has been experiencing major photons (light) from the Sun. This will put the Earth into fast speed transformation.

Eclipses set up events that are long lasting. There was a full moon eclipse last year on November 20, 2002. The moon was on 27 degrees Taurus and the Sun was in Scorpio on that day. This activated the Middle East and the West Coast. In March of 2003 we started the war in Iraq. On December 3, 2002 there was a solar eclipse in the fire sign Sagittarius on 11 degrees. This eclipse activated fire energy. Yellowstone felt the effects of this energy and started to wake up. California also felt the effects of this eclipse. When Jupiter moved onto 11 degrees Virgo, in October of 2003, it made a 90 degree angle to the eclipse degree and the fires started burning in California. The Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Uranus were conjunct by declination, and the moon and Jupiter were in opposition when the fires started. That is pretty powerful fire energy.

There was another solar eclipse on May 31, 2003 at 9 degrees Gemini. This sign rules wind.

This November 8th eclipse will find the moons node on top of the Popes Sun. Sometimes this aspect will cause a person to leave this world. Being that the Pope is quite sick it may be his time to leave. According to Prophecy, there is suppose to be two more Popes and the next one will rule for a short period of time. According to this same prophecy the last Pope will be the true one.

The Hopis story of creation talks about their creator mother who is called Spider Woman. This is why the spider is one of the symbols of Halloween. We unknowingly honor her on this day. This holiday is also associated with the story of Cinderella because the pumpkin turns into a coach, and she changes from rags to riches. Will this be a time of change for some people Will they turn from limitation to abundance Time will tell! The veils are very thin between the two worlds at the time of Halloween and this is when the first gate opens. This happens every year.

The next gate opens on November 8, directly over the Pacific Northwest, at the time of the total lunar eclipse. This is the one that has been closed for a long time. It will open to the higher dimension Earth, or Planet 2 as some people call it. It will remain open and will be the gateway to the new world. This is the time period light- workers will be exalted into the light. Are you ready for your illuminated body

I would like to quote from a channeling I received from Athene. Her web site is We are quickly approaching a time upon your planet that is unprecedented. It is true that the intergalactic brotherhood and the council of nine are working together to assist the beings of not only your star system, but many others as well, for the mass opening of the stargate in November, 2003. The portals opening will be interconnected with one another in a way none upon your planet have experienced before. As one star gate opens it will activate another and another and so on. The connections to other planetary systems and beings will be readily accessible to all. If you originated from another star system you will soon be able to ascertain from where, and will re-connect with your star family during this period of time.

The gateways will begin opening on November 4, and will continue to activate other doorways for centuries to come. Even though there will be a burst of energy throughout several weeks in November and December 2003, the momentum of the ripples being activated by light beings such as yourself will continue into the next millennium.

Congratulations, with your help we have succeeded in re-connecting the original 17 star systems back together for the first time since they were separated back in the Earth time of Mu and Atlantis.

The energy from this opening will be felt around the world, although there are a couple of places that will feel it stronger than others. The East Coast chart shows 13 degrees Cancer rising. This means Sirius is rising over Washington, D.C. at the time of this lunar eclipse. The better part of the United States will feel the energy from this star. Sirius is considered our Mother Sun and we are her children. The Egyptians considered the star Sirius very important, and they started their new year in July when Sirius rose over Egypt. Lots of light from that star will be pouring into Washington, D. C. at this eclipse. How will this affect our leaders Light purges out darkness, and things that have been hidden from sight will emerge. I expect many changes in our leadership.

The other area that will be greatly affected by this lunar eclipse is the Pacific Northwest. The Sun Alcyone is rising over Seattle at 29 degrees Taurus at 5:13 PM November 8. There is great light that comes to Earth from this Sun. The frequency of Seattle is very high and this eclipse will cause it to rise even higher. High-frequency energy causes people, who cant adjust to this energy, to become very unbalanced. Its a cosmic picnic for those who can handle it.

The state of Washington has already experienced the Scorpio water energy. We had 5+ inches of rain in one day on October 20. The effects of eclipses are sometimes felt in advance like the fires burning in Southern California. The November 23 solar eclipse is on the degree of Los Angeles. The darkness from this total eclipse will be felt in Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica, and the South Pacific.

At the time I am writing this article our Sun has been going crazy. Something happened on October 14, that started activating our Sun. It might have been a Gamma Ray Burst. There have been several Coronal Mass Ejections, and solar flares will continue for awhile. There was an X-17 class flare that came off the Sun on October 28. 2003. The photons from that flare were Earth directed.

An X class flare is enormous. The last time we had a flare that size was in April of 2001, and this is when the Sun turned on its axis. What kind of energy will happen on Earth because of all the light we are receiving Chances are there will be lots of Earth changing events because of this solar activity.

Our bodies are also being activated. In my last article I talked about how Jupiter had moved into the Earth sign Virgo, and this set up a one year cycle of large Earth events. After Jupiter went into this sign there was an 8.2 earthquake in Japan with several 7 + aftershocks. There were also 7+ quakes in China and Russia, and a Russian volcano erupted big time. These events happened as the Sun was moving through the sign of Virgo.

In early December the Sun will be conjunct Pluto in the fire sign Sagittarius, and will make a 90 degree angle to Jupiter and Mars. This is very powerful energy. The force of it will be felt at Yellowstone National Park, and the surrounding states. The volcanoes in Mexico and Hawaii may also feel this energy. The other side of the world that will feel the effects will be India and Pakistan.

Mars moves into Aries in mid-December so there will be lots of energy for new beginnings. Enjoy the opening of these stargates, and put on your seat belts as these energies continue to increase.

I send you my blessings! I also apologize for the email I havent answered. I do the best I can.


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