“Damon” writes: My grandmother purchased Communion for me when it was released, because she knew I had a strong interest in this field, and yes, I immediately thought I had a connection to the face on the cover.

I still do not remember that much, but I believe I had contact in my earlier years, in 1974, when I was approximately 5 years old, through the age of 16. While I have no memory of interacting or talking to the visitors, here are some of the memories that have come flooding back.

I was sleeping in my parents bed around the age of 5, when I saw 3 or 6 visitorscome right through the window in front of the bed. They took me from the bed,out through the window (which was shut). I tried to scream, but no noise came out, and there the memory ends. I had many episodes like this, including manyin my own bed; however, they are very hazy and seemed to stop when I wasabout 12.

At age 15, I awoke from my sleep to find myself on a pitch blackboard about the size of a single bed, floating out into the yard. Another time, I awoke to find myself staring at the ceiling, except the ceiling was right in front of my nose. Without any trouble, I turned over and found myself looking down at myself lying in bed. I got a funny feeling, then suddenly I was back in my body.

At age 16, I woke up very late one morning, surprised by the time. I went downstairs for breakfast. My sister and her friends were there, and I was wearing only boxer shorts. One of my sisters friends remarks that I have a funny reddish patternon my back. I take a look in the mirror and see red dots in 3 rows of 3, forming a box. I just dismissed it at the time. Now that I know the relationship of 3, I am a little freaked out.

What really shook me up though, was in The Communion Letters, where a person was describing a dream of seeing many UFO’s flying in the sky. Ive had lots of those recently, and remember, at age 10, being taught by someone how to fly. As the person states in your book, this does not involve flapping your arms, but has to do with immense concentration. I was able to go up and up; however the thought necessary tocontrol this was immense and I soon floated back down to the ground. This person, who remains faceless in my memory, taught me how to control my thought patternsin order to keep myself in the air.

I recently saw a UFO (maybe due to the proximity of Mars), but I reallyhave trouble discussing this with other people. My wife doesn’t want to know about it, even though she knows I am very interested in the subject. One incident occurred last week, when I had a disturbed sleep and my wife jumped up and saw a large spider next to me. I opened my eyes and saw a flash of light dart out through the doorway.

I have started meditation and find the work very useful. (NOTE: For Whitley’s meditations, go to our Transcripts section).

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Like so many of our readers and listeners, “Damon” has memories of strange, unexplained visitor experiences that have lasted throughout his lifetime and he doesn’t know what to make of them. He’s even gotten flying lessons! Interestingly enough, these instructions are entirely up-to-date with the latest scientific research in teaching people how to move computer cursors using only brainwaves, etc. This is another in our series of new Communion Letters.

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