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StarMaiden: Welcome Anne it is so good to see you back! ::rose

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ReikiMom: Hi Anne, How are you feeling today

anne_strieber> I visited the emergency room this morning because I woke up with some disturbing symptoms, but they turned out to have more to do with drinking a glass of wine last night than any neurological issues. Aside from that, I’m doing really well.

Chautauqua: Hi Anne, glad to hear you are doing better. did your cat look or act differently in the “other world”

anne_strieber> It wasn’t really a matter of ‘seeing’ him. It was somehow different, but it’s hard to say how. Suffice to say this: seeing in the other world is not the same as here. I felt him far more completely than I used to in life.

gilan: When I had emergency surgery about 25 years ago I died two times and had to be revived each time. Many old friends and relatives and childhood friends were there. Did you encounter any of your old friends or relatives or was your cat the only contact you had Also, do you find it hard to put your experience into words It is like the words are not big enough.

anne_strieber> I was expecting to see my mother, but I didn’t. And it’s VERY hard to put it into words. It’s just about impossible. All I can say is, it’s very real and knowing that has freed me, deeply, from the fear of death.

Eumenes: Hello Anne Would you have liked Whitley to find a new woman in case you hadn’t returned

anne_strieber> This is a really tacky question, but I’ve decided to answer it anyway. What happens in this life after you are dead very obviously has nothing to do with you, and you feel that–the freedom of it–at a moment like the one I had. Or a time. How long it was has no real meaning.

Trevor: did you feel like “yourself” while “there” (i.e. same memories, personality. etc.)

anne_strieber> I felt very much like myself. Kind of surprised me.

Sharon: Anne,upon finding out about your illness, I did a remote Recconective Healing for you. I experienced vibrating and buzzing all over my body, particularly my head. I was the most intense sensation I’ve experienced doing a healing. I wondered if you had any sensations that corresponded to this

anne_strieber> That’s interesting. I certainly have had those same sensations. Whether it was at the same time or not I don’t know. But thanks! I think that the healings and the prayer helped enormously. You do not walk away from what I had, not often, not when it’s as bad as my bleed was.

DarleneG: I once read that the main difference between cat and dogs is that dogs live in the future and that cats live in the now. Do you think that this was a part of Coe’s reason for being in your experience That and the wonderful, accepting, unconditional love that is part of owning a pet

anne_strieber> I wouldn’t be surprised that something like this was true. The key here, though, is love. There was a lot of love in our relationship with Coe, and in the family generally. The lesson I learned was that ALL you take with you is what love you have in this life. Everything else just evaporates. I guess people who live in hate must not have much left of themselves after they die.

UptonGirl: Anne – other than seeing Coe – did you have any ‘other side’ experiences that were clear enough to share

anne_strieber> I’m not sure. I feel that I did, but they are not clear to me now. I felt as if I saw God, and I felt very close to Jesus, and came back with an even more immediate relationship with him than I had before.

Mr._Bender: Can you close your eyes in the ‘afterlife’

anne_strieber> It’s so far from that. The question is really strange sounding, to think about it. It’s nothing like that at all.

Nicodemus: Hi Anne! Glad you’re back. I’m not exactly how to phrase this question, so I’m just going to jump in, and hope it makes sense. Q: During your experience with Coe and whatever else occurred, did you get the sense that time was passing in a normal manner If so,at a guess, how long did the experience last If not, how much time seemed to pass

anne_strieber> It was not part of time.

marsha: Was there a point where you consciously made the choice to return I am so glad you did!

anne_strieber> Yes. I heard a voice saying that I could keep going if I wanted to. That would mean I would die. But I turned around. The place was crowded, there were a lot of people. They had sort of metaphorical baggage. Suitcases, was how I perceived it. It was all very matter of fact. I did not see a light, etc. Coe took me back to my family, was what happened. But he would have guided me the other way, too. I chose to come back because I’m curious about life and I dont feel finished. Living with Whitley is an adventure. Hilarious, fun, wild. Who would want to ditch that for the world of the dead

DarleneG: Anne, were you ever aware, at any level, of the prayers and love being sent your way from people that you have never met Did you sense positive energy coming your way

anne_strieber> Absolutely. You get very sensitive. You can feel it like a sort of something that is lifting you up. Maybe you sort of see the people praying. You feel the love, that’s for sure. That’s all that any of this is about–love, living it, having it. That’s why Jesus told us not to judge others, so that we could be free to perfect our love and let God worry about sin. But we do judge others, constantly. What I found out was, that keeps you away from heaven.

heinrich: Is there any word on how these bleeds start, what causes them

anne_strieber> Aneurysms are congenital weaknesses in the blood veins and arteries. Mine had probably been there a long time. It just chose that moment to burst. Fortunately, Whitley recognized the symptoms instantly because of a similar illness his sister had. I got to the hospital in the nick of time.

gilan: As a person who has done a lot of good in this world, do you now feel you are still here to do even more to help others Perhaps to help some ease their way into passing over Assuring them life after life is truly there and they should not hold fear in their hearts.

anne_strieber> I haven’t done all that much good. Wish I’d done more. The Coe story does help people. It helped my son tremendously. People who are either afraid of death or believe nothing are helped by it because they can taste that it’s an authentic story of some sort of experience of the afterlife.

EdDurbin: Anne, I’ve often sat alone with people who were in a terminal coma. I decided to try to contact the person by asking her (mentally) to call on her husband who had passed over several years earlier. No sooner did I ask her to do that I felt his presence. She then sat up from lying in the bed and called him by name. Shortly afterward, she passed on to be with him. Did you feel you were in telepathic contact with Whitley and other family members

Anne_strieber> You are always in telepathic contact in this family. I felt their presence very strongly, but also other people, people I didnt know. I think that whenever someone sent me healing or offered prayer for me, I sensed it and sometimes saw them, too.

GreyMouse: Anne, I’m just so happy you’re back. I’ve been thinking about reincarnation, and the Hindu/Buddhist idea of bad karma causing rebirth in a “lower” state. Did Coe seem 100% cat-like, or was he perhaps just appearing to you as a cat because that’s how you knew him

anne_strieber> Great question. He seemed totally himself, but I don’t think he lived in a lower state. Being a cat is not a lower state at all. I don’t believe that we can even begin to imagine the totality of the compassion that governs reality. There are no higher and lower states. There is love or there is not. That’s the state of reality.

ReikiMom: Anne – I always hoped you’d do your program every week instead of every other week. Can’t wait for you to get back at it when you feel up to it. Your insights never fail to expand my perceptions and show me different ways of seeing things. Thanks for that. I don’t suppose you’d ever consider doing your program every week someday :^)

anne_strieber> I’d love to get back to my program, but I need to gain strength and that takes a quiet, unstressed life for a while. What I am going to do is to partner with Whitley on Dreamland. Our first book we do together will be Power Animals, which is what I was just getting ready to do when my stroke hit. What a synchronicity that 12 Conditions of a Miracle was the last book I did, the best book about miracles probably ever written, and then Power Animals next, which refers directly to my own NDE.

Ryan: Do you have any advice on how we can make the best use of our time on a daily basis For example, today I didn’t do anything and feel like I “wasted” the day. I didn’t feel like it was “time well spent” in other words. Too many uneventful days pass by and I feel like I’m wasting my time. How can I make more of my life

anne_strieber> Every second counts! Go volunteer to help others. There is plenty to do, always. Don’t waste a second. Find love in everything you do, from buying groceries to prayer to relationship. Don’t be a judge, be a friend. Christ tells us to actively seek to do to others what we want done to ourselves. Be a missionary for love every second of your life. Waste nothing, your time is always at hand.

Kevin_Puppos: I have been wondering- how is your son doing in handling all that has been happening

anne_strieber> A moment after he called 911, Whitley called Andrew. He and his fiancée have been there for both of us every second. My son is my treasure.

Chautauqua: do you feel as though there are unfinished things you now have to address, and if so what may they be – if that is not too personal

anne_strieber> I have a mission to beat the drum for love. I had a whole lot of it to take with me and I was lucky for that. When I see so many people involved in hate, it makes me want to somehow embrace them all, wake them up to the simple joy of love. What is eternal is so readily available in life. I want people to understand that their presence in the next world IS their love in this one.

UptonGirl: So, if only love goes on – then you do not think there is a ‘review’ of life that tohers talk about I’m not so sure how I’d handle looking at the the ways I’ve messed up.

anne_strieber> No review is needed. You are your love in afterlife. If you had little love and much hate, then that’s what you are. I think that we reincarnate, and it all comes out as it should–it balances itself–depending on the love we lived. I just do not have the impression that any of these stories about judgements and life reviews and such are real. In that state, you know EXACTLY who you are. You don’t need to think about it at all. You just know.

UptonGirl: I can understand you wanting to come back to Whitley – but many people who have NDE’s say they miss the feeling of the ‘other side’ – you don’t feel that at all

anne_strieber> There is an unforgettable nostalgia that I doubt will ever leave me. In a sense, part of me is now in the world of the dead, waiting there for my final return, and I feel that very, very poignantly and intensely.

lod: so do you think anne that every one of us goes into a higher plane when our time comes

anne_strieber> Something probably always does. Maybe very small in a very hate-filled person. But in most of us ordinary folks, a whole lot goes. I did see, from there, that there was a huge amount of love in this world.

Chautauqua: Does dying make you view the Visitor experience in a different light.

anne_strieber> Almost dying, please! I don’t know if it does. There is an incredible story in the communion letters about a woman who’s little girl died, that involved the visitors. But my experience didn’t have them in it, and I don’t think it changed my view of them.

anne_strieber> I would like to thank you all so much for coming and chatting with me. Drop your hate and you drop your chains.

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