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lucky: Do you think that these beings/craft are multidimensional and are perhaps around us all the time, except that we only see them when they deliberately materialize to be seen In circumstances where they are not trying to be seen, could it be that some people have a more developed psychic ability that enables them to see UFOs/ETs while others dont Do you think part of your familys contact with them involves your deliberate physical or psychic manipulation so that you develop these abilities, or that your family may already have some genetic predisposition, hence their interest in you

Mark_Olson> I think they have a way of getting my attention, like when I felt something “knocking in my head” and I looked up to see the disk-like objects hovering over me. I also have taken pics of the environment where these objects will appear and I didn’t see them while taking the pic. THere is some kind of communication, but I’m not sure how it works.

Star_Rider: Mark, I was wondering how you become aware of their presence Is it a case of sitting and watching or are you alerted in some other way, like a ringing in your ear or something

Mark_Olson> Sometimes I’ll feel like I’m being watched or get a feeling that I should look in a certain direction. Other times they appear without me knowing they will. It’s rather hard to get a line on what will happen when. There are times I sit outside and watch without seeing anything.

aria: TyHi Mark. I want to thank you for doing the work you are doing in the Contact Arena. I was wondering how long this visible contacts have been happening to you

Mark_Olson> Aria, I have been witnessing these objects since I was a child, but they seem to have exploded lately. I feel like something is about to happen, but I don’t know when or what.

flyingwolf: have you noticed that they have affected regular air traffic

Mark_Olson> Oh, yes, on May 31, the triangular object actually passed a helicopter very closely. Other objects seemed to avoid aircraft coming in their direction.

heinrich: Have you considered trying a foreign satellite service (e.g. European) for pictures of the nearby mountain that may not be doctored

Mark_Olson> I’ve tried doing a search for other satellite images, but the ones that I have been able to find, I haven’t been able to make heads or tails of. I’m not sure what I’m looking at, and I’m not sure how to find what I need either. 🙁

rew: I watched your video yesterday and the UFO sightings are quite impressive. But if any scientific progress is going to be made we’re going to need more information. Getting the actual spectrum of the UFOs seems like the obvious next step. Have you talked with any physicists about how this might be done

Mark_Olson> I have frequently tried to get someone with experience to come out here and see these things for themselves or analyze my footage. For months I sent out emails only to receive nothing in reply. I finally contacted the Board of Directors of MUFON and they seemed to get the ball rolling. MUFON is now analyzing the footage.

rew: I watched your video yesterday and the UFO sightings are quite impressive. But if any scientific progress is going to be made we’re going to need more information. Getting the actual spectrum of the UFOs seems like the obvious next step. Have you talked with any physicists about how this might be done

Mark_Olson> Oh, I also was able to get still images of some of the glowing objects on infrared film. I’m still trying to figure out how to get it developed, then I will post them to the website.

flyingwolf: I usually see something after my dog reacts strangely. Do animals react around your sightings

Mark_Olson> My cat has snoozed on the porch with us and would wake up and begin to meow like crazy just before and during a sighting. The weirdest sounds would come out of his mouth!\

aria: It sounds like your communication ability with them has been developed from the time you were a child & some maturing of expression is taking place at this time, along with the incredible increases in UFO appearances. I just listened last nite to Coast & heard about Triangular Light Ships about a mile long, similar to Phoenix Lites, but over Chicago. Do You see a link in the Triangular UFO’s you’re seeing w/other’s manifested elsewhere

Mark_Olson> In some aspects, yes. The triangular objects are HUGE and have had two green lights and one red. The object that I videotaped in September actually had all red lights. They travel so slowly, it’s amazing they don’t fall out of the air. And they hover pretty low as well.

Nicodemus: Not a question, just a sidenote. For a project a few years ago I obtained detailed satellite maps from NASA. You might want to look into that concerning Bald Mountain. Of course they could be a part of any coverup, but stuff slips through the cracks from time to time.

admin> Thanks, Nicodemus

Nicodemus: Not a question, just a sidenote. For a project a few years ago I obtained detailed satellite maps from NASA. You might want to look into that concerning Bald Mountain. Of course they could be a part of any coverup, but stuff slips through the cracks from time to time.

Mark_Olson> The satellite image link on my website is an official satellite website that was submitted by a visitor to my website. I have hopes of finding another image that would not be obviously doctored like that one.

sof: Has all this changed your view on things your worldview

Mark_Olson> As a Reverend Father, it hasn’t changed my view at all, really. I believed that there were other, more advanced life-forms most of my life. I just couldn’t see that all that space would be wasted on a species like ours. “The greater the universe, the greater the glory of the god that created it”.

Zip: Comment: Richard C. Hoagland might be able to help you with satellite maps.

Mark_Olson> I’ve contacted him, but have not received a reply except that he said he’s too far away to help. Jim: Do you use a radio that receives police band or air traffic controller chatter while observing If not, do you think one might be useful

Mark_Olson> Never thought of it. Most of the time, I’m listening to Coast to Coast AM. 🙂

toumai: are there plans to keep the chat room a part of the community-i really like the chat room private feature

admin> It’s going to stay like this.

aria: The Triangular Objects appearing recently over Chicago had all red lights, also. I was wondering when you get the inner impulse to look in the sky, or are aware of some energy of ET communication, do you ever speak to them mentally in return Do you ask them questions

Mark_Olson> I’ve tried thinking at them, but I haven’t received anything that I could say was a response. Sometimes I ask for them to show up and they do, other times they don’t. Could be coincidence, not sure.

heinrich: Have you ever tried signaling the lights Say, with a flashlight

Mark_Olson> I tried that for a week in July. LOL The only response to that was they disappeared faster! I stopped trying to signal, because I didn’t want them disappearing. 🙂

lucky: Since your sightings seem to happen with synchronistic regularity, do you feel that they have some kind of mental connection with you and are appearing for your benefit Have you ever felt that they can read your mind and apparently from quite a distance

Mark_Olson> Yes, I felt like they were reading me somehow, but I also felt that I wasn’t able to communicate back. That is frustrating.

Kevin_Puppos: Do you feel a major ET event about to happen, or a major human world event

Mark_Olson> I feel that something is imminent, something extraordinary, yes.

Luna_C: Can you please film your cat reacting to a UFO sighting for your next dvd That would be fascinating!

Mark_Olson> I will do that, certainly. He certainly is a character even without UFO’s. LOL

Star_Rider: Mark, I have not had the opportunity to listen to your interview yet, so if this question was covered I apologize. Has the contact been limited to photos or have you experienced any nighttime visitations

Mark_Olson> Mainly, just the footage, but my brother, sister, mother and myself all have had very strange experiences and scars. I think you will find the interview that Whitley conducted with me very riveting. And your question will be answered in more detail once you listen to Dreamland. 🙂

flyingwolf: have you tried making jokes at them that got them coming after me

Mark_Olson> I’ve noticed that they seem to respond to my good feelings and stay away when I’m upset or depressed. When I’m highly happy and excited they show up more.

Kevin_Puppos: ADMIN- Can you make available a transcript of these guest chats admin> There will be a transcript posted in the “Insight” section this afternoon.

SonOfMan: Could you expand on your thought that “something big is going to happen”

Mark_Olson> I don’t know how to expand on it. It’s a feeling since these things have begun to become more numerous in the sightings that something is about to happen. Whether good or bad, I’m not sure. Something big, though. I hope it won’t be anticlimatic. LOL But something is peaking. I’ve seen UFO’s before but never in my life have I seen so many. Nor have I ever seen so many different shaped objects. The glowing objects didn’t appear until July, but since, they seem to be everywhere almost everynight.

Zip: Mark; Just more info for you: The guy, I forget his name, who helped Hoagland with the “underground city on Mars” satellite photos, he might be able to help.

Luna_C: You mentioned in the interview that your camera couldn’t focus on the UFO’s directly. Where your eyes able to If so could you elaborate on what they looked like

Mark_Olson> They looked just like they did in the videos. The strangest thing was that sometimes I felt like I needed to rub my eyes. These objects looked like they had something around them. Something you could see through yet not see clearly, like a bubble or something.

flyingwolf: have they taken anything from you

Mark_Olson> Taken anything Can you be more specific I know they have taken skin and such when I was a kid, and now they are doing it to my brother. That scares me.

Kevin_Puppos: What is your location – I have yet to hear the show…..

admin> He lives in Sonora, California.

Nicodemus: The back of my head and right ear are buzzing like crazy right now… Is anyone experiencing this, or is it just me lol

Mark_Olson> That’s how I feel when these objects appear: nauseous and like my head wants to explode. That only lasts for a few minutes, though.

LawnSmyth: Are the objects getting physically closer to you as time goes by.

Mark_Olson> Sometimes they are directly over my head or directly over me. Other times they are farther away, but I haven’t seen any pattern. They don’t seem to have one.

aria: Well I got chills all over my body

Nicodemus when you asked that q. So we could include these energy components in some kind of language we are learning.\

SonOfMan: I believe the ET’s are essentially good, and yet when I read the Old Testament, if those were ET’s, they seemed bad, directing the murders of towns, and putting homosexuals to death, all this in stark contrast to Jesus’s Father who seems to be much more like a true God. What’s your take on all this, as a reverend

Mark_Olson> I believe that there are many different species visiting us. Some are good, others are bad. Some were those that were considered gods to those who were less advanced in history. Others were certainly the demons of old. If we went back in time with the technology we have now, we would certainly seem to be “gods” to those who would see our technology and think of magic.

lucky: Do you think this “bubble” they use around their craft is to make themselves visible in this dimension, rather than technology to hide their craft from being seen

Mark_Olson> I actually think it’s part of the propulsion system. David Sereda talks about that in the DVD.

StarMaiden: Mark do you feel that you were somehow chosen to have these sighting because of the fact you are recording them to share

Mark_Olson> I think my family was chosen a long time ago, and that we are being examined generation to generation. Like rats in a maze. They “tag” us just like we tag animals in the wilderness to track migration and population and such.

heinrich: Have you ever tried singing to the objects as MARCOS

Mark_Olson> GOOD QUESTION! Actually, there have been numerous occasion where I would be outside singing my heart out and thinking the music at them. I truly believe that I was heard as some of the glowing objects would appear while I would be singing. And I think it depends on the music too. I would sing Enya and Enigma and they show up.

Nicodemus: There’s a website, online, which unfortunately I can’t recall the address of at the moment that tracks air traffic over the US 24 hours a day. You might want to check the site for irregular patterns when you see these objects to get an idea if normal air traffic in your area is irregular when they show up/

Kevin_Puppos: Any advice on how we might increase our own chances of seeing UFO’s

Mark_Olson> Oh, yes! Turn off the TV’s, the DVD players and the VCR’s, go outside and watch the sunset, watch the stars come out, do this not just one night but do it every night and I can almost guarantee you will see something spectacular, even if it is not a UFO. We have so much beauty around us, take a breath and enjoy it!

TheBigHead: Do you credit appearances to just one species

Mark_Olson> No, I think there are more than one.

marty: Mark, what has inspired you most on a spiritual level if anything

Mark_Olson> I would say music. I think it is a universal language of beauty, and tragedy…of story telling at its finest.

SonOfMan: wow, well put Jim: Dr. Olson, how has all this affected you dreaming Have you noticed any patterns

Mark_Olson> Actually, I don’t remember most of my dreams anymore. I don’t know why. So I couldn’t say that it has affected my dreams. I know that when I was a kid, some of the dreams I had, made me shut down. So maybe that’s why I don’t remember them. I’m not sure if I want to.

Star_Rider: just a comment, that’s why I asked Mark if he heard a ringing in his ear while they were around. I sometimes get a sudden ringing in my left ear and have an urge to go outside and look.

Luna_C: Lisette Larkins Was interviewed by Whitley a few months back. They both agreed that contact is becoming easier to initiate and maybe even encouraged. Do you agree with this Do you think it’s becoming easier for people who haven’t had contact to initiate contact with them What are your thoughts on this subject and do you have any advice you would like to offer

Mark_Olson> I think the visitors are tired of our governments keeping them a secret for their own reasons. I think they are doing and end run around our government so that someday they can really come out in the open, without our governments’ interference.

Zip: Mark: Comment: The Coast program about the Mar’s city was aired on 9-5-02

Nicodemus: I hope you’re right about the end run around the gov,

Dr. O. I wonder if they’re forcing the issue, so to speak

lucky: Do you think your family was chosen because of some genetic ability that makes you more receptive to them Do you think the physical marks on your body are something to do with manipulating you physically to be more receptive for future direct communication

Mark_Olson> I really don’t know what to think about why my family seems to have been chosen. Was it random Was there a specific reason it’s my family line I have always believed my family has had some form of extrasensory perception, but if that’s because of genetic manipulation, I don’t know. Maybe that’s why my family was chosen or maybe that’s an effect of being chosen. Don’t know.

marty: Has there been an increase of coincidence or syncronicity in your life in general as a result of these sightings

Mark_Olson> It’s my belief, and always has been, that there is no such thing as coincidence.

marty: Has there been an increase of coincidence or syncronicity in your life in general as a result of these sightings

Mark_Olson> But I would have to say there seems to be a lot of coincidences lately, even though I don’t believe in coincidence. 🙂

aria: My experience w/communicating w/Space Beings, as I call them, was the same re: humor, fun, dancing, music, & children….. they would respond to that energy when I had the presence of mind to focus on them & invite them into the energy conversation.

rew: Was there any indication that the helicopter pilot referred to earlier saw the UFO (e.g., took evasive maneuvers)

Mark_Olson> That’s what it looked like to me. You can judge that for yourself as well as that is included in the Visitors DVD.

LawnSmyth: Mark, When you go to another part of the country are you followed by these craft IE, is this a phenomena only associated with the geographic area where you live

Mark_Olson> I grew up in El Paso, Tx and saw them there. My sister moved to Washington State and I to California and they have been seen in both places. I think it’s safe to say they follow us. They seem to be able to track us.

SonOfMan: I too had this experience of contact with, I think ET’s, and again, humor was the most surprising thing, but also a non-gender identity was interesting…they were the most kind males (if they were any gender at all) that I have ever met

Nicodemus: I watch the skies a lot, but unfortunately I live near Washington DC, so I generally see a load of incoming and outgoing commuter air traffic, and that’s about it. How much times do you spend watching the skies, and how often do you see something out of the ordinary

Mark_Olson> We are in the major air lanes of two or three major airports though I live in a rural area. But I spend a lot of time watching lately. I’m outside as often as I can wheel myself outside and I watch for hours. There are times when I see loads of UFO’s in one night, other times when I can sit out every night for a week and see nothing. I wish there was some kind of pattern to latch onto.

flyingwolf: did they ever indicate to you that we humans are here as a result of what they did in the past

Mark_Olson> I really don’t remember any communications whatsoever. The only thing I can say is that we should be more aware of our surroundings and less intense on the meaningless things around us. Our attention seems to be narrowly focused on our small surroundings, like an ant on duty.

Nicodemus: The USGS is another source for satellite maps.

Nicodemus: Perhaps I should look more closely at all the lights I see out here. I guess it would be real easy to blend in when there are hundreds of planes per hour up in the sky above me.

lucky: Do you think they only want you to record their presence and make it available to the public, or do you get the feeling that something more will be expected of you in the future

Mark_Olson> Did my answer to this question post

LawnSmyth: Do you think the craft are out there even if you are not watching for them

Mark_Olson> My computer just froze but I think I’m still here….Oh, yes, I believe they are here, they have always been here, and they are watching all the time.

Admin> A couple more questions…

Jim: Dr. Olson, what is your family’s genetic heritage Perhaps Celt

Mark_Olson> LOL I’m actually part French, part Tarahumara (native Mexican from Chihuahua) though I am red-headed, my culture is Hispanic. A lot of people think I’m Celt or Irish, but I know that I’m a mix-blood. I think there is Irish in my family way back when, but I’m Mexican, more than anything.

admin> The chat is now closed to further questions. Dr. Olson will answer the ones remaining in his queue.

SonOfMan: From my studies of the bible, and other texts, I get the impression that the spirit of God favors the meek, and the honest, and I believe that you being in a wheelchair contributes to your honesty and personal development. Do you think there is a connection

Mark_Olson> Thank you for your kind words. I don’t know if there is a connection, I’ve only recently been confined to the wheelchair. I have a Diabetic Neuropathy which has caused the nerves in my leg to die. This has happened only since March of this year. Which is when the marks on my brother started. Coincidence I don’t believe in it, but…….

admin> Thanks very much for being with us in this chat, and thanks especially to Dr. Olson! The text will be posted in the “Insight” section shortly. Moderation will be turned off now, and free chat will resume. If Dr. Olson remains with us, he’s more than welcome.

Zip: Mark, how do these experiences influence your faith as a minister

Mark_Olson> My faith has grown. I’m more faithful that there is a plan and that I’m a part of it than I have ever been before. These things have served to strengthen my faith, as I believe they should.

flyingwolf: did they ever show you any sort of “alphabet”

Mark_Olson> There are some very strange symbols in my head that I have been drawing since I was a child. I didn’t even remember them until you asked.

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