Now that former Arizona Governor Fife Symington has come forward to disclose that he actually witnessed the “Phoenix Lights” and strongly claims that they could not have been flares, the misleading and dubious flare explanation for the “around 10 p.m.” videos has been duly challenged. Keep in mind that thousands witnessed mile wide and silent boomerang, V, triangle and arrowhead shaped formations of lights traveling throughout the state of Arizona on March 13, 1997. These descriptions are poignantly similar to the footage captured by a handful of videographers over a half hour period around 10 p.m. that same evening, key evidence that has been debunked by investigators and the media throughout the past ten years. In the end, as you will learn here, the data speaks for itself. But one must actually look at it.

For the record, the arrays captured on film around 10 p.m. were definitely not flares, nor were they over the gunnery range. These anomalous amber orbs were balls of self contained light in rock solid, equidistant formations, hovering over Phoenix.

On the other hand, the Luu-2 flares that the military professed to be deploying over the Barry Goldwater gunnery range the night of the AZ mass sighting have characteristics unlike the true unknowns. While suspended by a parachute, these flares are used to illuminate the area. They have visible smoke trails, are white, flicker frantically, and most certainly cannot keep a formation as they drift haphazardly to the ground. I have personally seen these flares on numerous occasions prior to and after March 13, 1997. They are not what we witnessed or documented on film around 10 p.m. during the mass sighting event.

Besides a bogus analysis of the Kryzsten’s large boomerang array presented during the TV special “UFOs Over Phoenix,” I learned fairly quickly that no one could triangulate the March 13 videos. A Senior Geology Professor from Arizona State University stated emphatically that because the videographers took footage over a 30-40 minute span from different directions, a triangulation of the videos taken during the mass sighting was impossible. To my surprise, a Navy Optical Physicist and respected UFO researcher announced over a year later that he had triangulated the 10 p.m. videos. This alleged analysis was accepted as the final word by many. And yet, the data just didn’t compute, particularly when he had analyzed a totally different sighting of January 1998, at my requestnot the March 13, 1997 event. And just because the 1998 lights seemed to be at a distance to this researcher, that revelation didn’t confirm anything definitive.

In addition, in the 10 years since our Phoenix Lights sighting, no one south of the Estrella Mountains has reported witnessing the anomalous formation of lights that we videotaped around 10 p.m. But there were many reports of strange lights and craft on the Phoenix side of the mountain range around that time.

It was intriguing to learn that the Native Americans living in the Gila Bend Indian Reservation, which is located in a basin between South Mountain and the Estrella Mountain ranges, saw the lights on March 13 right above their heads. They also shared with me that they have been observing these orbs for hundreds of years. They call them “Sky People” or “Light Beings.” These lights have been part of their culture for centuries. They think of the Estrella mountains as a “gateway to the stars,” and as my photographic evidence from 1995 to the present indicates, that might well be the case.

Unfortunately, the confusing “flare” theory and its incessant dissemination by researchers and the media alike just added to the muddy waters that had already been polluted by the military announcement of the Maryland Air National Guard “Operation Snowbird” flare deployment that night. Keep in mind that this pronouncement came five long months after their denial that anything was in the air and one month after a front page USA TODAY article forced the issue of an explanation. I don’t doubt that flares might have been sent off to divert attention away from the true unknowns, but that’s not what we witnessed or photographed.

There is even more compelling data confirming that the “Phoenix Lights” were not flares. The details of an event which occurred two months before the mass sighting and two months before the Maryland Air National Guard arrived in town, has been curiously omitted from outside investigations, as well as media reports.

Please let me explain. On January 23, 1997, I witnessed a similar event to the mass sighting. I actually captured six 35 mm pictures in a row of the same anomalous and mile wide phenomena of equidistant orbs head-on, turning into a V- shape, in the same location as my March 13, 1997 10 p.m. video. This event was confirmed to me the next morning by Sky Harbor International Airport Air traffic Controllers who witnessed the same hovering lights, at the same time. They reported that the vast formation did not show up on radar, but that it was in restricted airspacein front of South Mountain. The object was described by the Controllers as a mile-wide, equidistant array of six orbs slowly moving in tandem behind South Mountain, out of sight from their vantage point in the tower. These same Air Traffic Controllers confirmed the day after the mass sighting that what we all saw on March 13 at 10 p.m. was the same phenomena, in the same location once again. According to their testimony, in both instances the lights “seemed to be attached to something” and were definitely not flares.

Therefore, since the morning after our mysterious statewide event, we have had professional verification that the three lights I captured on video at 10 p.m. on March 13, 1997 were in front of South Mountain over Phoenix and they most certainly were not flares deployed by the military. I documented these details in my book, “The Phoenix Lights, A Skeptics Discovery That We Are Not Alone,” plus two air traffic controllers came forward shortly after the mass sighting to share these pertinent facts in a briefing at Village Labs and on several TV programs. But again, for some reason this crucial data has been ignored or dismissed through the years.

Interestingly, the same distant formation of lights in the same location are in the photos that I took during my close 1995 sighting of three amber orbs in a pyramid formation. The close orbs were presented by Dr. Bruce Maccabee at the 1999 MUFON International Symposium in Washington, D.C. as “true unknowns.” But the same distant orb formation in the same location as January 23, 1997 and March 13, 1997 has never been acknowledged by investigators.

Which brings us full circle to the “around 10 p.m.” videos captured during the Arizona mass sighting. In each instance, these lights seem to be attached to something. Whether an arrowhead formation captured by Bill Hamilton and Tom King, a giant triangle captured by myself, or a boomerang array photographed by the Kryztens and Rairdons, these rock solid formations were all represented in the descriptions of thousands of witnesses who viewed the earlier objects traversing the entire state for many hours. In other words, this miraculous half hour finale was part of the same mysterious and spectacular event called “The Phoenix Lights.”

The flare theory can finally be extinguished.

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