Ed. Note: We received this letter on April 26, and have obtained permission from its author to post it. The reason is that it contains a message of change, and also some reassuring notions about how that change might affect us.

It has been obvious for some months that things are changing in the UFO world. The number of verified sightings are up, and there have been numerous official and semi-official disclosures about UFOs. The climate, in short, is changing. Most people now accept that they are real. The question is, why are they here

Whitley Strieber speculated about this in his recent journal entry, Are They Coming, and If So, What Do We Do

In it, he suggests that there could be broader communication, and also that it is likely to come from very unexpected directions.

There is no way to be sure–and our correspondent himself points out that this could have been nothing more than a dream–but what if it wasn’t What if it’s a communication If so, then we should expect more focus and clarity from the visitors soon.

Here is the letter:

Something strange happened to me last night, and I’m not sure if I can simply push it aside and call it a dream. If there’s anybody who can put me on the right path, it’s you.

I believe I had a brief encounter with the visitors. Living underneath a funeral parlor with almost no way of getting in when my doors are locked, I never thought I’d be in this situation.

I awoke abruptly in the middle of the night. I didn’t sense a presence in the room, but I knew somebody was there. I sleep with my head at the foot of the bed…I don’t know why, it’s just comfortable that way. 🙂 I raised my head, and at the foot of my bed, in front of my computer was a little crouched man. He seemed to be wearing a black hood, although it could have been any color since it was pretty dark in my room. I’ve often run it through my head that if the visitors were to pay me a visit, there are certain places in my apt. that they would appear. Where this guy was, I did not expect.

There’s a dim blue light that emits from the tower of my computer, and since I keep it on at all times when all the lights are out it fills the room with a soft blue glow. It was from this light that I could make out the facial features on this being. It was very similar to the visitor’s you describe. When I saw him, I didn’t freak out like I thought I would…instead I felt very calm.

I wanted to speak to him, but I couldn’t. I describe him as a male because of the way he spoke to me. He said, in a very noble, leader-like voice: “Everything is going to change.” That’s when I wanted to get up and express something, anything towards him. Instead, I tried to get out of my bed and fell right on the floor! Leave it to me to mess up a once in a lifetime event. :p

The next thing I knew, he was gone. At this point it was almost morning and my roomate had come home. He works strange hours, and this was about 5 in the morning. When I fell back to sleep I felt a great release, like a huge rock had been lifted from my chest. My entire life I had a subdued fear of the visitors, and I’d never even met one. Now, finally I think I can sleep soundly.

I am a fairly open minded man, but I cannot ignore the fact that this encounter could have been a dream. The only reason I’m writing this e-mail is because of the way I felt after waking up. I’ve never felt this way after waking from a dream, especially one including the visitors.

I’m not expecting a detailed e-mail in response to this one, I just wanted to share this exciting feeling with somebody and possibly get some answers as to if it really was a dream or not. If it wasn’t a dream, what could it mean Obviously the visitors mean me no harm. The message they gave to me might sound scary to some, but the way they said it did not promote any sort of radical, scary change. In fact just the opposite, it made me feel a lot better. Who better to go to in this situation than a professional Thanks for taking the time to read this, and have a great day.

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