Pennsylvania has had a long history of encounters of the unusual kind. From yearly sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects to observations of mysterious creatures, the 2006 year was no exception, as mysterious incidents were reported by residents of the Keystone State from 35 counties in the commonwealth. During the past 47 years while researching and investigating these ongoing incidents, I have interviewed thousands of witnesses from all walks of life.

Both children and adults have had encounters of a strange nature for which they have sought answers. I have talked with state and local police officers, commercial, corporate, and military pilots, air traffic controllers, and other trained professionals who were baffled by their personal strange encounters with unknown objects in the sky.

As I continue to document and investigate current mysterious events, I still find that most incidents reported when properly investigated, are determined to be either man-made or natural in origin. Every year, however, certain incidents are reported which aren’t so easily explained away. Some Pennsylvania UFO sightings reported during 2006 were explained as bright planets & stars, automated searchlight displays, and a NASA rocket launch. In past years, some Bigfoot sightings could be explained as bear or large hairy dogs. Some very large footprints in the snow were found to be only bear tracks which had been distorted in size and shape by the weather conditions.

It was in 1970 that I founded the Westmoreland County UFO Study Group (WCUFOSG) the first of three volunteer research groups which investigated UFO sightings and other phenomena for many years in Pennsylvania. Since 1993,I have continued to receive and document these current reports as an independent researcher. Current sighting reports from across Pennsylvania are reported via my website and from calls to my PA UFO Hotline number 724-838-7768.

I also maintain contact with many researchers & organizations who have a similar interest in investigating these events. The National UFO Reporting Center in Washington state, is also a good resource for Pennsylvania UFO sightings. The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society investigated some possible Bigfoot incidents during 2006 in Westmoreland, Allegheny, and other counties. In January in Allegheny County, some men reported seeing a creature run into the woods near North Park. In July, a family in Bradford County reported strange screams from a nearby forest. The next day they discovered a dismembered deer placed in the Y of a tree. Some strange 17 inch long footprints were seen nearby.

In September near Apollo, a woman reported a Bigfoot running across the road in front of her car. A few days later, not far from the same area as the previous report, a man digging a ditch reportedly smelled a rotten odor, at the same time that he spotted a creature that was watching him. The Bigfoot was said to have picked up a bale of hay before running off into the woods.

Some UFO sightings reported during 2006 were easily explainable. On December 16th at 7 AM, many people from Greensburg to Philadelphia observed an object & a bright contrail moving across the sky. This incident was explained as an early morning launch of a Minotaur 1 rocket from the NASA Wallops Island Launch Flight Facility in Virginia. On the evening of December 28th, there were many calls from Westmoreland and Fayette counties reporting 3 white lights moving across the sky for a long period of time. The lights were coming from an automated searchlight display from a car dealership in Blairsville which was conducting a sales promotion.

Some UFO encounters during 2006 were more unusual. Sightings of triangular, spherical, diamond and rectangular shaped objects were reported from various widespread locations.The following are examples of some of the UFO sightings reported. April 7th (Cambria County) a person driving in a car was traveling westbound on Route 271 between Johnstown and Ligonier. At about 9:40 PM, the driver noticed a bright light outside the passenger side window. Hovering near the window was a brilliant round object about the size of a car headlight. The light followed the car at about 3 feet distance, for about 1/2 mile, then suddenly backed away from the window, and arched up into the sky and was lost from sight.

April or May near Latrobe (Westmoreland County) A huge rectangular object with many lights was observed moving very slowly in this rural area. The driver was so amazed by what she was seeing, that she slowed down to get a better look at the object which was very low off the ground, and made no sound. June 3rd-Sewickley (Allegheny County) At about 6:30 PM, two people observed 2 umbrella top shaped objects which were close to each other in the sky. The objects moved against the wind and made no noise as they moved over the Ohio River. December 12th near Cramer (Indiana County) Two women observed a large silent diamond shaped object with lights moving very low and slowly over a power line. At one point the object passed directly over their car and continued to move out of sight.

Some of the other strange incidents reported during 2006 included, strange circular formations on the ground, strange sounds, unusual footprints, and mountain lion sightings. My investigation into the 1965 UFO crash incident near Kecksburg, PA continues. Many new leads on the case surfaced during 2006. A new permanent UFO monument is now on display for public viewing behind the Kecksburg volunteer fire department. For details visit:

To report a strange incident from Pennsylvania such as a UFO sighting, Bigfoot encounter, or anything unusual,call my PA UFO Hotline at 724-838-7768. My e-mail address is: . For current information on strange occurrences in Pennsylvania, visit my website at:

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