There’s a favorite painting of mine called “Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” that features Humphrey Bogart, Marilyn Monroe and James Dean sitting at the counter in a diner and being served by Elvis. I had a “Dreamland” moment like that while giving a presentation on Starwalker s and the Dimension of the Blessed the other night at the Zero Point Research Center in Santa Monica, CA. I looked out in my audience and saw the three iconic faces of Whitley Strieber, Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer triangulating one another. Wow! It was like going to Vegas and having all the fruit line up. I kept thinking about the incredible hard-earned wisdom, talent, and strength these three embody. I was thrilled to play Elvis and serve my best stuff (with a smile deep down inside).

Robert Downey is playing Iron Man in a film produced by Marvel Comics. In the story billionaire Tony Stark builds a power suit and fights evil and terror. This suit matches the exoskeleton presently in development by the US Military that Ive been tracking since 2002 and the publication of my book Cloak of the Illuminati. This power suit will combine nanotechnology with computer science to give our soldiers superhuman capabilities, including making them resistant to chemical and ballistic attack. It can even make them invisible. This new skin or cloak represents the greatest single external correction to the human body since the invention of eyeglasses in the 14th century. The program to develop this new skin was begun by former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld whose motto and modus operandi, “Force Transformation,” was plastered over the related DOD website. This pun resonates on several levels. The name of the game for Rumsfeld was to “force transformation” of Iraq from a dictatorship to a democracy and to force the transformation of human skin into a souped- up exoskeleton.

Iraq Second Skin or Exoskeleton Hmmm. That reminds me. According the Book of Jasher (a text referenced in the Old Testament), in ancient Iraq, Nimrod, the builder of the Tower of Babel, claimed he recovered a skin made by God for Adam. When Nimrod put on the skin he became a Mighty Man. In fact he duplicated the skin and created an army of Nimrods or Mighty Men. MIT is the lead developer of the US Military’s Mighty Man (or is it MITey Man) Suit. Nimrod was aligned with Orion, the Mighty Hunter and with Osiris, the Egyptian god of resurrection who was shown wearing a tight-fitting garment called “Karast,” meaning “anointed.” Interestingly, Orion is an anagram for Iron. Look for Robert Downey to rock as Orion Man, excuse me, Iron Man in theaters in May 2008.

One of the topics in my presentation was the early Christian Icons, particularly the highly intriguing images of the transfigured Jesus in his light body form. Hes portrayed wearing a glistening cloak or “skin” that mystic theology say was made of some ephemeral substance. Icons are a specific kind of religious art that were specifically crafted as “doorways to the Divine.” Icon painting is a “lost” art that, I hope, is making a comeback. I spent an afternoon at the spectacular Getty Museum touring the “Icons of the Sinai” exhibit, which is at the Getty until March 4. While the exhibit is very well done and gives one an incredible sense of being in the Sinai, it was lean on the images of ascension that I was seeking. Still, it was inspiring to connect with the many other scintillating images. For more on the power of icons I highly recommend listening to my recent conversation with Gregg Braden on Dreamland. Gregg revealed some incredible secrets about icons.

While in LA I also visited the Conscious Life Expo. Thousands of Los Angel-lites descended upon the LAX Hilton to hear speakers such as James Twyman and Robert Proctor of The Secret, the positive thinking DVD that is sweeping the planet of errant thoughts. I was drawn to the 2012 panel featuring Richard C. Hoagland, Dannion Brinkley, Sean David Morton and Nick Begich. If these guys are right civilization as we know it is about to be wiped off the face of the Earth. Until then we can expect China to wreck our economy as a preamble to invasion of the US and mind control to rule. Oh, and by the way, the US attack on Iran is a done deal, too. In other words, the road to 2012 is the Armageddon Highway and were in the express lane! EEEEEEHHHHH! EEEEEERRRRRR! OOOOOOOO!!! Boink! Thats the sound of my airbrakes jamming and me getting off this express! How can we create a world of tara (compassion and enlightenment) when all we talk about is terror Is it mere coincidence that The Secret the DVD that beautifully packages the idea that what we express we impress on the collective mindis so popular these days Could it be that we need a crash course in controlling our thoughts preparatory to 2012 before we crash into a highly painful wall

I think so. Given the choice, I’d rather channel my heart-mind into manifesting something spectacularly wonderful to happen by 2012, something that flips us into a higher vibration. What could that be How about the return of a super hero who reveals a remarkable insight Possibly. Oh wait. Look. Coming out of the hole in the clouds. Here it comes now. The message. The revelation. Grab it. Unfurl it. Read it. We are the super heroes were waiting for. Alright!!!

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