As a rare Grand Sextile of planets takes place during a lunar eclipse, enormous explosions continue on the sun. They are now taking place on the backside, as sunspot area 484 moves around to the back of the star, so they will not have dire effects on the Earth. The Grand Sextile traces a six-sided star in the sky, and for it to take place during a lunar eclipse is considered extremely important by astrologers.

Skeptics have always contended that the movement of stars and planets could not possibly have an effect on earthly life, that the energies involved are so small that they are all but nonexistent. However, recent quantum physical experiments have shown that a strange and powerful connection exists between photons (particles of light) that is known as entanglement. When two photons are split apart, action that physically affects one also physically affects the other, no matter how far apart they are, and the effect is instantaneous.

Given that the entire universe was once a single, super-dense object, it may be that everything is subject to ‘quantum entanglement’ and astrology is an ancient way of detecting the significance of this connection in our lives.

For an excellent discussion of planetary configurations, click here. Astrologer Mahala of theAsklepius Light Center in Seattle offers her insights into the significance of the Grand Sextile, in this week’s Insight, and Jan and John Mireheil who created the Harmonic Concordance website are featured in a Dreamland Special Event discussing the concordance. For in-depth study, begin here.

Does modern science present a case for astrology?

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