Gemini writes, in one of our new Communion Letters: I had an encounter in 1973 while lying in bed reading a Batman comic. My reading lamp suddenly went out, and when I tried to get up to check it, I wound up in a trance, and couldn’t move any part of my body except my eyes.

To the left of my bedroom, I could see a round white light moving from the ceiling towards the bedroom floor, accompanied by an entity which came out of the light towards my bed, where I was trying hard to move. He told me in my mind that he wouldn’t harm me. When the entity began to touch me on my forehead, I began to curse. Without moving its lips it told me, in my mind, that it wasn’t nice for young men to curse. I went into shock and my spirit left my body. I could see the roof of my house as I was taken away by a black Pegasus horse into space where we approached a planet just like Earth and entered a desert, surrounded by moving tumble weeds. The mountains had homes carved into them. We didn’t land; the horse kept moving and went back up into space and back into my bedroom, where the entity still stood. While my spirit moved back into my body, I could see the entity moving towards my dresser, where it began checking through the drawers. Something amazing happened then: a huge light from the sky shone through my window and took the entity with it. When I broke out of the trance, I hid under my bed.

This experience happened to me in 1973 when I was thirteen. Since then I have spent many years away from my family, and today I am a 44-year-old scientist. This world is a magnificent place, but I also know that I am now a different kind of person, with a mathematical vision.

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