In another of our series of new Communion Letters, we hear from Frank, who writes: On July 28th at 2 a.m., they came. I heard my basset hound begin to whine. She was cut off in mid stream. I was lying in my bed, and everyone in the house was asleep, except me. I heard off to my left a rustling sound like a bird fluttering and I was aware of a shape moving down the side of my beda standard “gray.” Immediately I felt like something was holding me from the back with one arm around my neck as if trying to hold me down.

I was able to sit up, and in front of me was a door of some sort with frosted glass. I saw through the door what appeared to be another gray. Immediately I got a masking memory thrown at me where I was aboard a normal naval ship trying my best to raise an alarm to no avail. Next, I was aware of something on my back again still trying to hold me. At first, I thought it might be one of my children. I wrestled the “person” to the ground, trying to turn on a light switch to lighten the room up. When I turned the light on, I was holding the creature around the neck with my right hand.

Immediately another masking memory came, that I left the apartment and looked down the stairs from the top towards the front door, which was open. The strange thing was the door had a door knob hole and missing the knob. I went down and closed the door, and as I turned around, there was a woman standing in the shadows trying to get me to come unlock her door. Something was strange about the woman and so I said, “I am not stupid enough to fall for that,” and reached in my right pocket and pulled out a Swiss Army knife and opened the blade. The next thing I was aware of was a group of aliens that appeared to be the size of “grays,” but were not gray, but green with the appearance of grays except the heads were more smaller than the grays. Also, where their mouths would normally be was something yellow that looked like false teeth or some type of biohazard device.

Immediately, the lead alien had its hands on my forearms and I was trying to cut it with the knife, but nothing came out. Right then I got another masking memory thrown at me that turned one alien into an Indiana Jones look-a-like with other men behind him, and then it ended. Strange thing is, I was awake during the entire thing, but just to let you know, I saw everything in living color, but I am blind. I have had visitations in the past when I was sighted.

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