Am I the source for Dan Brown’s Capitol concepts for “The Lost Symbol” (which Brown didn’t finish till February, 2009)? Brown’s new book is about the Dome of the US Capitol and The Apotheosis of the George Washington painting there. In his new book, DaVinci Code author Brown sends symbolist Robert Langdon in search of an ancient portal in the US Capitol and points to the Apotheosis as the key to the portal and to transforming men into gods. If this sounds familiar its because this is EXACTLY what I say in my presentations about Morph and The American Rite, and especially in my latest book Freedom’s Gate, which I have co-authored with Dr. Mark Gray. This painting and the Capitol Dome encodes nothing less than a path to individual empowerment, ascension and true Freedom. This appears on The Lost Symbol’s Facebook page, which was set up to provide clues to the subject matter of the then forthcoming book. I was the August 2nd clue (one of the first). They provided a link to my article The US Capitol and the Temple in Man, which spells out the facts on Brown’s fiction.

After reading The Lost Symbol, all I can say is that if Dan Brown didn’t use my work, then this is a case of a truly astonishing synchronicity. We have come to the exact same unique conclusions about the Capitol (it’s a stargate) and its primary painting (it encodes the secret of our transformation) at exactly the same time. The connection between my research and what Brown presents is obvious to those who know my work. The final scene at the end of the book and its setting is straight out of my American Rite presentation. Here’s a sampling of the emails I have received from my readers: “Just wanted to say how cool it is that the new Dan Brown book starts out so close to your research.” “I’m up to Chapter 14. Are you sure that Dan Brown or his wife did not attend one of your lectures [and it] seems he is following along with your thought process and observations.” “Read Dan Brown’s book. Basically nothing new, nothing original, ripped you and some other people off for ideas. Can’t believe I read the whole thing.”

“Here’s my 2 cents: Fictional writers research the field that they’re interested in, then weave a story out of it. For DaVinci Code, Dan used the theories from “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” and was sued for it. But in my opinion, certain topics of interest are released to the human race at the time that we’re ready to hear it. You and Dan may have some type of soul contract where you worked together to benefit mankind with this information. You may chose to feel honored to have done your part to make this knowledge public! Congrats!”

My co-author, Dr. Mark Gray, and I have zero interest in challenging Mr. Brown in any way. We simply want people to know that the story about the Capitol holding the key to higher consciousness is TRUE.

As I’ve said before, it’s time for the real owners to visit the US Capitol and find out what’s really going on inside the Temple of Liberty. It’s time to open our minds even further. Open our hearts wider. Open the doors to the true spirit of peace, love, wisdom and power in Freedom’s Gate. It’s time to “Om the Dome.”

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