An Unknowncountry subscriber shares this extraordinary lesson from the beyond:

First, I just wanted to say that despite the unfortunate absence of Linda Moulton Howe’s science reports, Dreamland is blowing reality wide open these days. Each week is more exciting than the last and it has been quite a ride. I really enjoyed the excerpt from “An Evening With Demons” in the subscriber area. I have been looking for that book for ages and it was wonderful to get a taste. I look forward to hearing more. Last week I had a couple of wild rides of my own, one being a wonderful out of body experience, and the other being something that I can’t identify. I have no memory of how the second event began and I honestly thought I was going to die during it. I’ll start with the OBE. On June 17th, I was doing a guided meditation that is designed to allow one to internalize the 12 pairs of pure emotions. The purpose of internalizing these pairs of emotions is to heal the heart and allows one to heal the hearts of others. I had done this meditation once before, so I was familiar with it and everything was normal at the beginning. Suddenly, I found myself in a portal that was in the shape of the outline of my body in the cross legged position I was sitting. I was aware of my body and it felt almost like a separate entity. The portal had thousands upon thousand of colors, some that I had never seen before.

The portal had a current that ran opposite ways from the top to the bottom, and back up again, outlining the shape of my body as it moved. I wasn’t breathing, I couldn’t think the way that I normally think, in fact, my mind was silent, save for instant perceptions that seemed foreign in their execution.

I could still hear the audio from the meditation but it had a completely different meaning, almost as if it were in another language.

Suddenly, I seemed to breathe in the portal. I could see it pouring into my mouth and I could feel the thickness of it as it entered me. I am guessing this was me going back into my body and adjusting to the feeling of breathing air again. I have had an out of body experience before and that is exactly how I felt afterward, only that time, I woke up on the ceiling of the room above my bedroom so the experience was much different. This experience was followed that night by a beautiful lucid dream involving a tall blue female being with no hair, blue skin, and shimmering gold spots all over her body. There was also an intricate henna-like pattern covering her body. She was humanoid, with very feminine features and curves. She had a brilliant golden light around her. In the dream, I was looking at a woman I knew but I was seeing this being. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Now for the scary experience… I can’t tell you how it began because I don’t know. I was just in the experience somehow. All I know is that it happened between 7pm and 8:30pm on June 19th. I got home at 7pm and started making dinner and that’s the last thing I remember before the experience. It was black all around me except for these giant block letters, laying flat on the ground. (I say the ground but it was just blackness, that seemed to be solid) The letters spelled out my first and last name. They were massive and had lights in them like the Radio City Music Hall letters, only each letter was several colors. There were two sets of letters. It looked like there was one set of letters laying in front of a mirror. The second set of letters were like a mirror image. I was laying on one of the sets of letters and I couldn’t move.

I could hear a noise like the grinding of gears and the other set of letters began to rise. I was aware that they were coming down on top of me. For clarity’s sake, I’ll compare it to a George Foreman Grill. It was as if I was on the bottom, and the top was being closed on top of me. I thought I was going to be crushed and suffocated and there was nothing I could do. I was aware of other beings present and I could feel their amusement. I knew that there was no way out. It seemed, they thought it was funny that I found the experience terrifying, but I don’t feel that they meant to harm me. I felt myself being squeezed inside the letters and I managed to roll around in a way that created a little pocket of space for me to fill and the letters touched. The bottom set of letters started to rise now and I was trapped again as it started all over. I tried to find that pocket again and when the letters came around the second time, I saw a door materializing. It was my bedroom door. There was a woman standing in front of the door. She had beautiful white skin and long straight brown hair. She was wearing a light blue garment, some kind of flowing dress that almost looked like a nightgown. There was some kind of rope belt around her waist. She said, “Who are you?” I said my name and she seemed amused by this. She opened the door and I could see light pouring in from the kitchen. She turned to me, almost giggling and said, “No you aren’t.” She then walked out of the door and closed it. Suddenly I was out of the experience and laying on my bedroom floor against the closed door. I honestly have no idea how I got there or what the hell was happening but when I look at the symbolism of it, I can see a message. I am being smothered and crushed by my ego identity consciousness and I am much more than this body, this human, this existence. We all are…

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