This report is about an event that took place in 2009. To this day, the individual to whom
it happen remains deeply changed.

I woke up one night with a very powerful presence in my
room and I laid there for a little while to see if i could hear any noise and
I couldn’t so I turned over and there was a being standing in front of my
dresser next to my window and soon as I turned over he reached out towards me
and a flash of light lit of my room and I lost complete control over my body
and right before this happened I witnessed his entire face and body and then
I lost control of my body and went into a state of paralysis.

All I could do was lie there stuck in conscious thought. I couldn’t see out of my left
eye but my right eye was barely open and I could observe this beam of light
shooting into my chest from my ceiling. There was no pain but a lot of
pressure in my chest and the light was so bright it should have been
blinding, but it was dim around the actual source of light so it didn’t blind
me to the point I could look at it.

The whole time I didn’t even try to  create a thought of a thought it was
like I was numb to any negative thought or emotion all I could do was feel
this intense divine source of love being shot into my body.
Like it was injecting spirituality into me or giving me
spiritual CPR.

Before this event I was atheist and now i’ve studied
many religions and have had a 360 spiritual change and i’m on a very
wonderful journey as a human being and in the past 5 years my life has
changed dramatically and i’ve only been able to channel with the being on 2

After the visitation I did suffer from insomnia and psychological
damage, but as i learned more and more I look at it as a blessing, but i’ve
been desperately trying to find somewhere to report this. I strongly believe
it activated something within me because i’m knowledge hungry now and have
such a high conscious outlook at things and such a sensitive understand of
love and people.

It left in a blink of an eye tho and I don’t know if it used
teleportation or it transferred into another dimension. I emailed you about
this not too long ago and got a response because I listened to Whitley on
Coast to Coast Am and knew this would be a great chance to try to share my
story with someone and hopefully someone can understand it and help me with
it and maybe get some seriousness out of somebody because i’ve kept this very
personal and only shared this with very few people. I live in Texas where
these subjects are way over peoples heads. One last thing it was humanoid in
appearance, but not human. He had a grey toned skin more like a paler human
with very slight hints of blue tone in areas of it’s body. The clothing was
almost fused to it’s skin and they had very little face expression and have
the face features of a asian person…there eyes is what’s so hypnotizing.
When we first made eye contact he made a shocked look that still makes me
wonder was he shocked or was he afraid…hope to get a response from someone
so I can further talk about things in detail, thank you!

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  1. You’ve had a very real
    You’ve had a very real experience that is unusual but not rare. The being you describe sounds like those which might be in my life–for me, though, they are elusive, though I’ve seen physical evidence of them.

    Your experience is unusual in part because it is so positive. It does seem to be true that these strange beings are very involved in people’s spirituality. But exactly what they do and why they do it remains mysterious to me.

    Your encounter seems to be working for you and that’s great. Try to some caution and don’t disrespect them, and show common-sense when reaching out to “channel” them. It is possible though not likely other energies with less positive intentions may be involved.

    1. Great, start off scaring the
      Great, start off scaring the poor guy into thinking he will be “channeling” the Evil Dead. Next it will be because of a Ouji Board experience when he was 10, might as well call the human-brain “evil” for “channeling” the human-soul.

      The ‘visitors’ seem to be willing to communicate on a soul level, at least. Let’s be grateful we have that in common.

  2. Welcome to unknowncountry,

    Welcome to unknowncountry,
    Sounds like you were not supposed to wake up, hence the “startled” look or surprised expression.
    In my opinion, it was time for you to become “aware”, maybe not as soon as you did, but what happened to you was truly a gift. I cannot give you any concrete answers, but i can tell you to look into the message board on this site. This website will show you that you are not alone and that many have experenced quite similiar situations. You will find many things on this site that will help you better understand what may have happened to you.
    IMO, your journey has begun, or possibly, you have finally begun to see what has been going on for some time and you have had “cover stories” implanted so that your journey could remain in the back ground.
    There are people here that can help point you in the right direction and certainly don’t take this lightly or poo-poo your concerns. The owners or this site included. So look around the site and read other’s testomonies, maybe become a member so that you can have access to even more material…. there are many books and programs that would possibly open more insight into what may have happened….
    There is a lot here, and for the most part, a warm and compassionate group of people who have had similiar things happen and can help you on your quest for knowledge.

  3. In reading this account, I,
    In reading this account, I, too, felt like there may have been 2 simultaneous experiences going on. Is it not possible that in our “darkest hour” we might also experience “salvation”? It is wonderful that your heart has been “opened” (whether by you or w/another’s assistance) to reveal to you your true self.

    imo, Most mainstream religions today are not very spiritual — they serve to promote moral and social dogma that is often in conflict w/true spirituality. It is completely understandable that independent thinking people reject their dogma and in its absence see themselves as atheists. Y/our open heart w/its connection to spirit/God is the only religion anyone truly needs.

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