This highly unusual story was sent to me by a FaceBook friend. I forwarded it along to Joseph Farrell, who comments on it below. It is one of the strangest and most provocative stories I have seen in some time. What it suggests, incredibly enough, is that the publication of Hugh Everett’s ‘Many Worlds’ Theory in 1957 might have actually opened a door into a parallel universe, causing odd echoes involving the name Everett. In any case, it is just fascinating and way-out-there strange.

Whitley Strieber

Dear Mr. Strieber,

I’m interested in your opinion of the following experiences of mine.

Re: Everett "Twilight Language"

Regarding the subject of Hugh Everett, I’d thought I’d share this "Twilight Language" I’ve been tracking for awhile (or rather it seems to be tracking me). I’ll refrain from mentioning my own speculations, but here it is:

I read the following in Jacques Vallee’s book, DIMENSIONS (pgs. 69-70) sometime in 1991:

"On November 6, 1957, twelve-year-old Everett Clark, of Dante, Tennessee, opened the door to let his dog Frisky out. As he did so, he saw a peculiar object in a field a hundred yards or so from the house. He thought he was dreaming and went back inside. When he called the dog twenty minutes later, he found the object was still there, and Frisky was standing near it, along with several dogs from the neighborhood. Also near the object were two men and two women in ordinary clothing. One of the men made several attempts to catch Frisky, and later another dog, but had to give up for fear of being bitten. Everett saw the strange people, who talked between them ‘like German soldiers he had seen in movies,’ walk right into the wall of the object, which then took off straight up without sound. It was oblong and of ‘no particular color.’

In another of the tantalizing coincidences with which UFO researchers are now becoming familiar, on the same day another attempt to steal a dog was made, this time in Everittstown, New Jersey. The name of the town in the second case is almost identical to that of the witness in the first.

While the Clark case had taken place at 6:30 A.M., it was at dusk that John Trasco went outside to feed his dog and saw a brilliant egg-shaped object hovering in front of his barn. In his path he met a being three feet tall ‘with putty-colored face and large frog-like eyes,’ who said in broken English: ‘We are peaceful people, we only want your dog.’"

In 1992 I ordered a used copy of Morris K. Jessup’s THE EXPANDING CASE FOR THE UFO. After it arrived, I noticed it was inscribed, inside the front cover:

"To: Everett From: Grandma and Grandpa Gilman [Gelman?] Christmas – 1957."

This would definitely be an appropriate gift for 12-year-old Everett Clark, but I haven’t investigated whether it belonged to him or not.

In 1994 I found a paperback by Robert J. Serling (brother of Rod Serling) titled THE PROBABLE CAUSE, published in 1962, which discusses unsolved airline crashes and disappearances.

In chapter 4, I learned that on November 8, 1957 (two days after the Everett Clark case), Pan American World Airways Clipper Flight 944 disappeared. One of the crew members was William H. Fortenberry, who in 1952 was a crew member aboard a New York-Miami Pan American DC-4 who spotted a UFO while in flight. The sighting received world wide attention.

On the 1957 flight, he was the second officer when the aircraft disappeared on a flight over the Pacific from California to Hawaii. The cause of the aircraft’s loss was never determined.

I found out later that Fortenberry’s wife’s maiden name was "Everett!"

I found some online articles about this plane crash:

By Gregg Herken with Ken Fortenberry- Air & Space Magazine, September 01, 2004

Romance of the Skies plane crash haunts pair 50 years later
by Kevin Fagan, Chronicle Staff Writer, Sunday, November 4, 2007

In 2001 I was reading a book titled TIME STORMS by Jenny Randles, where I came across the name "Hugh Everett."

Wikipedia entry for "Hugh Everett"

It was in 1957 that Hugh Everett published his "Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics" regarding parallel worlds.

"… in September 1956, Everett was invited to join the Pentagon’s newly-forming Weapons Systems Evaluation Group (WSEG), run by the Institute for Defense Analyses. … In 1957 he became director of the WSEG’s Department of Physical and Mathematical Sciences…. most of [his research] remains classified….

"Everett … died suddenly at home in his bed on July 19, 1982 of a heart attack at the age of only 51. It is possible that his constant chain-smoking and heavy drinking contributed to this, although he was outwardly healthy at the time.

"Everett’s daughter, Elizabeth, suffered from schizophrenia and committed suicide in 1996 (saying in her suicide note that she was going to a parallel universe to be with her father), and in 1998, his wife, Nancy, died of cancer. Everett’s son, Mark Oliver Everett, who found Everett dead, is also known as "E" and is the lead singer and songwriter for the band Eels. The Eels album Electro-Shock Blues, which was written during this time period, is reflective of these deaths. Mark explored his father’s work in the hour-long BBC television documentary PARALLEL WORLDS, PARALLEL LIVES."

PARALLEL WORLDS, PARALLEL LIVES aired on PBS in October 2008 as an episode of the science program NOVA.

"In 1957 WSEG participated in global-scale UFO research and investigated the efficiency of Minuteman missiles." ___

In 2006 I discovered author Joseph P. Farrell’s book SS BROTHERHOOD OF THE BELL and later read his other books regarding Nazi Germany’s alleged involvement in anti-gravity / flying saucer research and the development and disappearance of "the bell."

NOTE: Unknowncountry subscribers can listen to Joseph Farrell’s stunning interview about the SS Brotherhood of the Bell, and many other Farrell shows over the years. Joseph, as one of our most popular guests, has appeared on Dreamland over 20 times.

On November 5, 1957, contactee Reinhold O. Schmidt claimed an encounter with German-speaking occupants of a landed flying saucer"

"One of the men did the talking. He was evidently the leader and I shall refer to him hereafter as Mr. X. He spoke English with a German accent

"When these people spoke among themselves they used high German, which I happen to understand, as I graduated from a school in which both German and English were taught. I could speak read and write German at the time, and I still speak and understand it fairly well. But these people all spoke to me in English with a German accent.

And in another alleged contact on February 5, 1958, they asked him about the crash of Clipper Flight 944:

"What was the plane carrying that disintegrated over the Pacific on the way from San Francisco to Honolulu besides passengers?"

Sources: and the Omaha UFO Study Group.

Joseph Farrell comments:

Interesting stuff. I’m familiar with the Schmitt case as I acually wrote about it in Nazi International. But the odd synchronicity of the dogs, Everett….it reminds me of Wolfgang Pauli’s ideas about non-linear types of causation. The Schmitt story, if you ever run across it, is interesting because there are two parts to it, and it’s almost as if one is dealing with two entirely different Schmitts and two entirely different stories.

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  1. Whitley, this is a most
    Whitley, this is a most fascinating INSIGHT……Yesterday I read on your news stories…..’Do We Live in a ‘Real’ Universe–or is It Just Somebody’s Toy?’ I googled the Greisen–Zatsepin–Kuzmin limit (or GZK cut-off) and saw this movie listed at the bottom of the article. I have not seen it, so, I ordered it from my library hoping it will be informative/thought provoking. I am a visual sort of person and understand things better if I can actually see them as opposed to reading about it.

  2. My view on synchronicity is
    My view on synchronicity is that most people don’t notice it or rather ignore it. When you actively pay attention to the strange links that happen all the time it causes more of these links to appear in your life. It is sort of an intention experiment in itself.

    It is not cause and effect it is effect and cause + cause and effect together in some strange dance influenced by our intentions.

    I personally have been haunted by the number 52 my entire life. The 1st time I can remember was my 1st job as a customer service person in Kmart my clock # was 52 and I heard that # 1000’s of times while I worked there. It just followed me around ever since.

    Once you start paying attention to synchronicity’s in your live you will be amazed.

  3. I wonder if we each live in
    I wonder if we each live in our own unique parallel reality with lots of bleed through from the universes of others. Some universes would be pretty close together, family realities, others would be far apart, a person living in poverty in India and an upper class New Yorker.

    Just my imagination wandering here. 🙂

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