“Cameron Crazies”it used to be that they were just the fanatical student supporters of Duke University’s basketball teams, named for Duke’s Cameron Indoor Stadium. However, after the hubbub around the release of Cameron’s film The Tomb of Jesus, I’d say that Cameron Crazies now also refers to all the hysterical critics driven crazy by writer-director James Cameron.

“Everyone around me had basically said, ‘You stink. You suck. You don’t know what you’re doing.’ recalls Cameron about his early career. Once again the Cameron Crazies are saying the same thing to him: theologians, archaeologists, quackademics, talking puppets on the cable channels and web writers.

As much as anything about The Tomb of Jesus, I’m curious about James Cameron. Writing in the forward to The Jesus Family Tomb, the book that accompanies the film, we learn that Cameron is deeply interested and well read on the subject of Christian mysteries, the Knights Templar and the whole DaVinci Code “axis of evil” idea that is driving Christians to blog sites.

Inspired by Star Wars (who wasn’t) the former truck driver and physics major dropped out and turned to Hollywood. Soon he was working for Roger Corman’s influential B-movie company, New World productions.

Then, one day during a stay in Rome, he had a nightmare about a machine emerging from the fire, which had been sent from the future to kill him. Cameron’s dream turned into The Terminator (1984). His conquest of the collective consciousness (or unconsciousness) of humanity had begun. It continued with Aliens, The Abyss, True Lies. KA-CHING, KA- CHING: Cameron racked up one box office hit after another with zeros on the end of each title.

Fast-forward to 1998 and the sailing of Titanic across the sea of human imagination. “I’m the king of the world!” Cameron screamed after receiving the best director statue at the 1998 Oscars, echoing Leo Dicaprio’s shout as Jack in Titanic. The words hung in the air for a moment, and then fell like the free fall of the twin towers crashing in a pile of ashes. So did Cameron’s public image.

“Did he really just say that” I remember thinking. At the time I was doing research for my book The A- tomic Christ, about Nicholas Roerich’s search for the “sacred most precious casket” of Jesus in Shambhala in 1934 on behalf of Franklin Roosevelt. This otherworldly realm’s most notable resident was known as “the King of the World.” Calling him the “King of Terror,” Nostradamus predicted this good god- king’s return in 1999. I assumed he was talking about the discovery of the casket of Jesus, not the return of James Cameron!

When the director picked up 11 Academy Awards and his epic netted box-office receipts of $1.8 billion, Titanic replaced Star Wars as the top-grossing film of all time and made Cameron one of the richest movie makers in Hollywood. Titanic defied critics who’d predicted, wished, and hoped that the film and Cameron’s ego would be sunk by a perfect storm of hubris, ambition and testosterone.

The moral of the story is, don’t underestimate James Cameron. He’s a lot smarter and more resilient than you think. Remember, we’re dealing with a man whose friends call him “Iron Jim.”

After joining the inner circle of the Ascended Masters of Hollywoodthe wizards who flash their holy pictures in our beloved movie theaters, the new temples of lightCameron retreated to his sprawling Malibu lair. While listening to the crash of the Pacific’s waves, he did some surfing on the question of how to top the global success of Titanic. With money no longer a problem, he developed new filmmaking technology tools for a couple of other ascended tinsel-town polymaths, movie-lords Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, that some say will revolutionize filmmaking (Cameron says when we see this new technology, it will knock us into the back wall of the theater/temple). In 2004 he designed the landing system for a Mars probe. All the while, he was training as a cosmonaut in Moscow and joining NASA’s advisory council. DaVinci could only have dreamed about the creative power wielded by Cameron.

Then, in March 2005, Cameron got a call from conservative author Dr. Charlie Pelligrino, who had been lured by Emmy award winning Canadian documentary host Simcha Jacobovici to play devil’s advocate on a highly secretive archaeological documentary he had code-named “Project Egypt.” The goal of the project was to verify the ultimate archaeological discoverythe tomb of Jesus.

Cameron lent his immense prestige to the film and book. He plays the role of the Longinus, the Centurian who poked his spear into Jesus’s side while he was on the cross. Cameron is poking a (semi-blunt) scientific spear at Jesuss presumed earthly remains and the heart of Western Civilization. Did Jesus resurrect from the grave to become the Savior of mankind Or, was he just another of those poor, celibate Egyptian-trained magician-poets whose rap about love was provably plagiarized from Buddha and his story about dying and resurrecting himself cribbed from Osiris

Like it or not, and I personally do not like some of it, I commend the production for bringing us useful perspectives and introducing us to the possibilities that modern forensic science offers concerning some of the greatest questions of the ages. I have to admit that Cameron’s crew of scholars and researchers have assembled a provocative string of pearls, presented at a breathless pace, showing that the tomb of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, who is called the Master, and their son, Judah, have been discovered, and much more. The trouble is that the string is missing pearls in a few places (and you know what Jesus said about casting pearls).

If the Tomb of Jesus research is correct (and it’s a big IF), the residue of Jesus’s body is on the limestone of a simple ossuary (bone box) in a warehouse in Israel. It’s been waiting for nearly 2,000 years for science to advance. It’s reminiscent of Jurassic Park (and it was Charlie Pelligrino’s research that inspired Michael Creighton to write that book). Are we going to be treated to a “hypothetical” clone of Jesus in the sequel to Tomb of Jesus, or did Nick Roerich and FDR already take care of that back in the ’30s

You either believe or you don’t. Christians will never believe this, and I don’t blame them. Neither will the Ivy Tower quackademics parading around the tube these days, who are trying to make gods out of themselves and their contemporaries, like Amos Kloner, who apparently is beyond reproach.

If this titanic investigation floats, and it is full of holes, it means that Jesus did not physically resurrect from the grave and ascend into Heaven as Christian creed stipulates.(The book leaves open the possibility that Jesus ascended spiritually, whatever that means.) The filmmakers discovered the supposed to tomb of Jesus under a capstone in the courtyard of an apartment building in Jerusalem, but their conclusions are missing the keystone or capstone of this story.

Though the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (known as Yehoshu’a, Joshua or simply Josh to his friends and family, according to the book) is the foundation of Christian faith (and its pillar) this event is not described in the Bible. It only says IT happened. Most Christians believe Jesus’s body spent three days at the site of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem’s Old City, then poof (or maybe ZAP or BAM), he disappeared. Humankind’s sins were eradicated as a result, according to Christian belief.

Proof The resurrection of Jesus is probably not something we can prove or disprove through historical or archaeological methods. It’s really not even something the faithful are comfortable in questioning. StillNo one was present with Jesus in the tomb; no media stars were embedded. The necrophiliacs running the cable news networks don’t have a cold and rotting Anna Nicole to drool over. When (a) certain female follower(s) of JesusMary Magdalenerolled away a stone and entered the tomb where his body was laid after the crucifixion, his body was gone, and a young man or angel (s) wearing shining garments waiting within said that he had risen from the dead. That’s all we know.

All we can say for sure is that followers of Jesus said they had seen him alive soon after his death. Those people risked and many of them losttheir lives proclaiming this.

How do we know IT happened Because the Bible says IT didthat’s why. Why do we believe IT happened Because those who preach from the Bible (in the past at the tip of a sword) tell us IT happened. There’s no need for any questions about this. None are welcome in most churches: just believe.

By the way, Babylon, the same preachers tell us Jesus is coming back soon, too. Are you ready ‘Cause if you’re not, you’re in deep eternal do-do.

I’m not being impious or sacrilegious here. The stakes are as high as Carl Sagan says they were when he wrote Contact. The Apostle Paul argues that if IT didn’t happen, that is, if Jesus didn’t bodily rise from the dead (and go through a wormhole to the Heaven), then Christianity is a FALSE religion and should not be followed or observed. That’s the test. (Is it merely a coincidence that the inverted “V” and the ring/circle on the facade of the Jesus tomb is used to denote the seventh seal in the movie Stargate It’s the symbol that opens the stargate. No doubt, the inverted “V” is the Great Pyramid. The circle symbolizes the king’s chamber and whatever was inside it.)

If he didn’t rise from the (stargate symbol-marked) grave, does this mean he’s not coming back, too In which case, does Allah win the War on Terror by default Will Muslims use The Jesus Family Tomb in their propaganda war against the Christian West Count on it. Will our rapture-crazy President respond (but only after consulting his Saudi bosses) Aircraft carriers stationed in the Gulf are awaiting his holy word.

Now, please don’t go Cameron Crazy on me. I believe in the Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus (and Osiris and Inanna), but not for the same reasons as that mass murderer Pope Innocent III who exterminated the Cathars, because they claimed inside knowledge of the resurrection, or today’s smutty televangelists. That slutty-looking lady with the big pink hair makes we want to puke. I think Mary Magdalene, who is presented rightly as a strong and spiritually advanced woman in The Jesus Family Tomb, would kick her ass if she were around today. Pimping Jesus for moneytalk about whores!

Tell me, scholars: WHAT happened when IT happened With all due respect, that’s my question. Explain to me, HOW did the mortal DNA coil of Jesuswhether he was a short Jew with wooly hair (as Jesus Family Tomb claims) or a blue-eyed, blond-haired Aryan stud as modern Christian art portrays transfigure into the deity called Christ (or Chrost as we pronounce it here in Dixie) HOW did He resurrect His body Or, if it was the dudes in shining suits that did it, how did they do it Did they have one of those fabulous pulsars and emitters the Sumerians claimed the archonic messengers of Enki used to resurrect Inanna from the dead My body is similar to Jesus’s. Can I activate latent capabilities in my DNA and effect this transformation Must I do to insure my soul’s eternal salvation

I believe Jesus triggered a transfiguration of his body into a vortex of light, as the Tibetan lamas did when they performed the Great Perfection into the Rainbow Body. This transmutation, which is akin to a cocoon metamorphosing into a butterfly, is something all of us can do, and in fact, MUST do, if we want to get off this plane(t).

In the Pistis Sophia, Jesus even told us to spend our lives finding the mysteries that will transform us into a being of light so that we can join him. The trouble is, there’s not a single Christian church on this planet that teaches us how to do this. Since its inception, the Christian Church has been on a bloody campaign to destroy these teachings and the “heretics” who uphold them. Millions of lives have been exterminated as a result.

Why don’t we go CSI on the question of how Jesus turned into being of light Or, make it an episode of Gray’s Anatomy Let’s get Ted Koppel to host a special on this so he can snicker at me for asking this question. And, while we’re at it, why not go X-Files on what happened when Muhammad (peace be upon him) ascended into the heavens upon his “flying horse” (UFO) from nearly the exact same dot of real estate where Jesus left the planet Did Jesus and Muhammad pull the same cord as Enoch in Genesis and Elijah when he entered the whirlwind and rode a “chariot of fire” to Heaven where he now walks with God

It’s high time 21st Christianity AND Islam and science came together and came clean about some details about these events. It matters more now than ever. The centuries-old unholy clash between devotees of Christianity and Islam, egged on by Satanic arms dealers who are, ironically, financed by the Christian faithful, presently has our race on the brink of destruction. If the people running this trumped up trillion dollar so-called “war on terror” are nut jobs who are blinded by personal ambition or money grubbing swine who are keen to sacrifice millions upon millions of lives in a second holocaust, then we need a war against such evil. True Christians and Muslims must find a way to come together (in the words of John Lennon) to safeguard the other four billion souls on this planet, and those who follow in our footsteps, who don’t have a dog in this ancient fight.

If nothing else, what the Tomb of Jesus research team dug up is a clock. It was ticking. This week the alarm sounded. It’s time for the answers to the questions of the ages. Hopefully, this will come before the missiles are launched. So, thank you James Cameron, for the wake up call.

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