Using computerized text analysis, scientists are able to help police identify psychopathic murderers by analyzing the word choices they use when talking about their crimes. Researcher Jeff Hancock found that "the words of these criminals match their personalities, which reflect selfishness, detachment from their crimes and emotional "flatness."

Psychopathic murderers make identifiable word choices–beyond their conscious control–when talking about their crimes. But they aren’t the words you would THINK that killers would use– the researchers found that psychopaths used more conjunctions such as "because" or "since," and used twice as many words relating to their physical needs. While these criminals were studied after they were caught, it was important to identify the ones who are psychopaths, because this is a condition that is not curable and thus they should be incarcerated for longer periods of time, since as soon as they get out of jail, they are almost guaranteed to strike again.

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