Mountaineer Matako Nabuka says there is no Yeti?only the Meti, which is a big brown bear. Despite this, Yeti and his cousin Bigfoot continue to be seen all over the world, including Vermont.

Daniel Lak writes in BBC News Online that Nabuka spent 12 years in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan looking for the Yeti. He now thinks Yetis are actually the Himalayan brown bear known as the “Meti.”

Explorer Raj Kumar Pandey says, “Look at all the foreign expeditions that have seen [the Yeti]. “We have much more research to do on language and in zoology before we believe statements like this.” Some explorers who’ve seen the creature are U.K. explorers Eric Shipton and John Hunt.

Japanese Yeti hunter Yoshiteru Takahashi has decided to make “the definitive attempt” to photograph it. He says he’s found a Yeti cave on the slopes of the world’s fifth highest mountain in western Nepal. He tried to photograph the creatures inside the cave in 1994, but his camera froze. This time, he’s taking along nine infrared cameras with motion sensitive shutters, and insulating them against the cold. “We’ll get a picture this time,” he says, “and then all disbelievers will learn their lessons.”

Noah Hoffenberg writes in the Bennington (VT) Banner that Ray Dufresne saw a Bigfoot walk into the woods around 7 p.m., while he was driving his car. The creature was over 6 feet tall, weighed about 270 pounds, had long arms and long black hair, and walked upright. Dufresne says, “It was hairy from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet. It was not walking like a normal person.

“The first thing I thought was this is a gorilla costume. I thought it was a joke,” he says. “Then, I put two and two together. Why would someone be walking down the road like that? I kicked myself for not turning back.”

There have been other Vermont sightings. In 1976, a woman was reading in the woods when she saw a creature with a muscular neck, a large head and broad shoulders. It was 8 to 11 feet tall, with ape-like hair and long arms. In 1994, a boy had a similar sighting. In 1989, a Vermont man found footprints in the snow that measured 12 to 14 inches in length and were about 6 inches wide.

Over a hundred years ago, in 1879, the New York Times reported that two Vermont hunters saw a “wildman” while hunting in the mountains. According to the Times, “The young men describe the creature as being about five feet high, resembling a man in form and movement, but covered all over with bright red hair, and having a long straggling beard, and with very wild eyes. When first seen, the creature sprang from behind a rocky cliff and started for the woods near by. When mistaking it for a bear or other wild animal, one of the men fired, and, it is thought, wounded it, for with fierce cries of pain and rage, it turned on its assailants, driving them before it at high speed. They lost their guns and ammunition in their flight and dared not return for fear of encountering the strange being.”

No matter how often people deny his existence, Bigfoot keeps showing up.

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