Some researchers claim that several Middle Eastern men may have been connected to the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. While this sounds like an unlikely conspiracy theory, there is some evidence to back this up.

John Doe No. 2, an olive-skinned man whose police sketch was released immediately after the bombing, has never been identified by the public or by Timothy McVeigh or Terry Nichols. But current and former FBI agents in Oklahoma City say they have received documents pointing to another person or even a cell of Middle Eastern operatives.

One former FBI agent says he has obtained 22 affidavits and more than 30 witness statements describing sightings of Middle Easterners who were with McVeigh. Although he passed the materials on to a superior, the evidence never surfaced and was not given to McVeigh?s or Nichols? defense teams. The affidavits and witness statements describe a close-knit group of Middle Eastern men living in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas who were seen with McVeigh on many occasions in the months and weeks leading up to the bombing.

In January 1999, the agent got the documents from former Oklahoma City KFOR-TV reporter Jayna Davis, who made a six-year investigation beginning on the day of the bombing, documenting a cell of Middle Eastern individuals operating in Oklahoma City under suspicious circumstances. ?She started in 1997 trying to turn those documents over to the FBI and we refused to take those documents because we knew at the time that those documents would have to be turned over to the defense attorneys . . . ,? says the former agent.

?We don?t know what ever happened to those documents,? the former agent says. ?We know they were never given to the defense attorneys. And that?s really what I was going to testify about, the fact that those documents were in FBI custody. And I don?t know to this day what happened to the documents. We did have some Oklahoma connections to the events in Washington, D.C., and New York City. We did find out that one of these individuals was trying to take flight training at a Norman (Okla.) flight instruction school.?

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