Dave Eberhart, of Newsmax.com, reports that Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani, founder of the Islamic Supreme Council of America (ISCA), has renewed his 1999 warning to the State Department that brainwashed Islamic extremists have infiltrated U.S. mosques and Muslim student and community groups. ?Through the universities, there will be the most danger?you don?t know what these students are going to do, because their way of thinking is brainwashed, limited and narrow-minded,? he says.

Kabbani is an American citizen of Lebanese descent and holds a degree in Islamic jurisprudence, which authorizes him to give legal rulings. He continues to speak out in ways that are sometimes unpopular with fellow Muslims. An example is his recent plea to Muslims to inform on those who might have any knowledge of extremist cells and activities that would help investigators, in which he said, ?I urge all our members of the Islamic Supreme Council of America and many Muslims, that I know in the United States and abroad, to come with every tip they have, with every information that they have, in order to tell the different agencies about it, and inform them as soon as possible, in order to avoid any harassment for the Muslim community.?

In 1999 he told the State Department that 80 percent of American mosques had been taken over by extremists. He said that a ?few extremists? were taking over leadership posts, despite a ?majority of moderate Muslims,? and ?influencing 80 percent of the mosques.? Since then, he has visited 114 U.S. mosques and says, ?Ninety of them were mostly exposed, and I say exposed, to extreme or radical ideology.? He bases this conclusion on speeches, board members he met and materials that have been published. One telltale sign of an extremist mosque, says Kabbani, is an unhealthy focus on the Palestinian struggle.

He states his mission as ?Removing all misconceptions and stereotypes in clarifying the image of Islam held by non-Muslims, building a trusting relationship and working with them in ways that accord with their way of thinking…Islam doesn?t teach terrorism, or allow you to kill anyone. Islam tells you to toss a flower on your enemy in order to bring him to your side, not to fight with him.?

He usually goes into seclusion for 40 days each year. ?When I was younger, I used to do it for six or nine months at a stretch. That?s training your spiritual power and your energy,? he says.

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