Stephen Foster writes in the Rochdale (U.K.) Observer about a group of children who saw a UFO. They say it hovered slowly at rooftop level for several minutes, then suddenly shot away. They’ve made drawings of what they saw, and all of them show a similar craft.

Lindsey Stansfield’s sons Louis and Cameron were playing with friends on a trampoline outside their home when they spotted it. She says, “The children saw the object flying slowly above the houses. Some of the children thought it was triangular in shape and others square, but it could have been to do with what angle they saw it. It had red lights around the edge and yellow lights in the middle. They rushed in to tell us about it, but the time we got out it had gone. The children say the object had stopped above the house behind us and then shot off in hyper drive. Later that evening they started drawing pictures of what they had seen.”

Louis says, “I looked up and saw some lights flashing in the sky. I went in the house to get my mother, but when we went out it had gone.”

Justin Engel writes in the Saginaw (Michigan) News about Alan G. Hill, a Delta College professor who takes UFO experiences seriously. He says, “There are people who say you shouldn’t be teaching this kind of thing in your classrooms.”

“Jeff” visits his class regularly to tell his story about being confronted by a “praying mantis-like” creature. He says, “I have no love toward these experiences. This isn’t something I enjoy.”

In 1998, the night after his final college exams, he woke up to find someone or something forcibly turning his head to the side. “The next thing I knew, I had this thing coming down at my face.” It stuck a needle into his ear. “It wanted me to relax,” he says. “I was like, ‘(Expletive) no.'” But his experiences haven’t been all bad: in 1994, a small gray woke him in time to escape a fire in his apartment.

Jeff’s girlfriend is another abductee. One night he awoke, paralyzed, only to hear complaints that her abductor was interfering with his. “I guess I was making his job difficult,” he says. “There seemed to be a scheduling conflict there.”

Hill’s student Jon J. Gallagher says, “You can watch as many documentaries as you want. When there’s a guy sitting in a room with you?someone you can shake hands with?that makes it very real.”

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