The Canadian Crop Circle Research Network has received the results of tests by renowned crop circle researcher Nancy Talbott on a seven-circle barley formation found in Edmonton, Alberta in 1999. The clay from the circles shows a significant increase in the degree of crystallization, which is seen only in rock which has been exposed to massive pressure and heat over thousands of years. This increase in crystallization has never before been reported in surface soil.

The study, funded by Laurance Rockefeller, used scientists who knew nothing about the crop circle phenomenon at the time they did the tests, so that they could remain objective. They examined clay soil in the crop circles, in an attempt to find out what kind of heat and energy it was exposed to. If a normal form of heat high enough to crystallize the soil had been present, it would have destroyed the crop.

The plants also showed the familiar changes associated with “real” crop circles not made by mechanically flattening the crop (elongated nodes and the presence of expulsion cavities).

Dr. Reynolds, a mineralogist and recognized authority on clay minerals, says the circles were formed with an energy currently unknown to science. But no matter how they were made, the possibility that they were mechanically flattened with boards and ropes in “Doug and Dave” style has been ruled out.

Crop circle researcher Colin Andrews says, “One has to say this appears to be an excellent study and meticulously carried out. I am also greatly encouraged because it also strongly supports my own findings of the ‘man made/non man made study of 1999-2000,’ also funded by Rockefeller. You could say that while each study was looking at different things, we came up with the same result. My results?showed that the simple designs (the 20%) were the ones we were unable to find any indications of being man made.”

Nancy Talbott says, “?I must respond to this current assertion that the BLT XRD Study somehow supports this notion that 80% of crop circles (those of ‘complex’ design) are all man-made and only 20% (those with ‘simple designs’) are not man-made. Please be aware that the BLT study in no way deals with this question?there is no scientific evidence provided by the XRD Study which can in any way be construed as supporting (or contradicting) this 80/20 idea.

“Additionally, it is not clear to me what Mr. Andrews means, exactly, by ‘simple designs.’ The XRD Study Case at Edmonton, Canada is a 7-circle event which looks a bit like a ‘mini-Triple Julia,’ in reverse. Three of the other crop circles initially evaluated consisted of (1) 2 circles connected by pathways and with adjacent pathways at Logan Utah in 1966, (2) 3 various-sized circles connected by pathways at Acadia Valley, Alberta, Canada in 1999, and (3) a large ring with long pathways (like an ‘X’) crossing through it and with attendant additional pathways at Whitefish, Montana in, I think, 1999. The soils in all of these cases indicated the same crystalline changes were present….but were rejected for the final study due to various sampling problems (not enough samples/controls, unavailability of samples/controls due to the farmer’s swathing of the field, and a misunderstanding of sampling protocol by the fieldworkers). Are these all considered to be ‘simple designs?'”

Decide for yourself: To see details of the study, as well as a photo of the 1999 Canadian crop circle, click here. The site has recently been hacked, so if it is not available when you click on it, try again later.

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