Tragedy struck William Henry’s current tour of Egypt’sancient sites over the weekend when a member of the tourgroup died in her sleep. Egyptian authorities have ruledthat the death was due to natural causes, and the tour iscontinuing despite the tragedy. Local medical servicesresponded promptly, but were not able to revive the strickenwoman. The precise cause of death has not yet been determined.

There have been numerous internet rumors that a member ofthe tour group had died violently and that terrorist actionwas involved. These rumors are false. William Henryreports that the victim “was a very pleasant and beautifulwoman who blossomed on our tour. In fact, she remarkedseveral times that this was one of the happiest times of herlife.” He says that, “despite all, we are continuing, andhaving a wonderful tour.” Terror incidents in Egypt havebeen rare in recent years, and Egypt enjoyed huge tourismgrowth in 2008. There have been no terror incidents in thecountry as a result of the Gaza crisis. We will interview William about his tour when he returns!

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