Ladies: If you want to celebrate Mother’s Day next year, find a symmetrical man. If your boyfriend has different sized feet or one ear larger than the other, his sperm isn’t as strong as that of a symmetrical guy.

Scientists who measured almost everything on the male body that is paired found a link between sperm quality and bilateral symmetry. The greater the difference between one side of the body and the other, the poorer a man’s sperm quality will be. This happens to male fetuses while they’re still in the womb, because the skeletal parts of the body develop at about the same time as the sexual parts. If something goes wrong with the mother, it will affect both areas of her fetus’ development?meaning body symmetry is one way to spot good sexual functioning.

Australian scientists measured the ear length, wrist diameter, elbow diameter, ankle diameter, and foot length and width of volunteers ages 18 to 35. The right and left sides of each man were measured separately. They compared the results to each man’s semen and say, “We found significant negative relationships between (the measurements) and total numbers of sperm, and the (mobility) of sperm.”

Another marker for poor sperm is the ratio between the ring and index fingers on a man’s hand. Men usually have longer ring than index fingers, and the longer the ring finger, the more likely it is that the man has been exposed to high levels of testosterone before birth.

There’s also a link between finger length and sperm production. Researchers have found that very long ring fingers are associated with more sperm, that’s also more active. Also, symmetrical men have been found to be more jealous.

We aren’t the only ones with this problem?Canadian scientists say stags with lopsided antlers find it harder to attract a mate.

If you’re spending the weekend alone because you haven’t met that symmetrical mate yet, tune into Dreamland and hear a tale of rousing adventure!

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