Newswise – Talk about BAD LUCK: some people get lung cancer who have never smoked a cigarette! Lung cancer patients who have never smoked probably have one of two genetic mutations thatare linked to the disease. Scientists hope this will helpthem understand why the same program of chemotherapy and/orradiology works for some cancer patients, but not for others.

It turns out that exposure to second hand smoke or pollutioncan induce lung cancer in people with a mutation in a geneknown as EGFR. There are people who appear not to besusceptible to lung cancer–who smoke all their lives butlive to an old age. The trouble is, not many of us have thatgenetic makeup!

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If it’s not one thing, it’s another: which is more of athreat, cigarettes or Planet X? Believe it or not, it may bePlanet X! If you haven’t discovered the amazing books of our guest host WilliamHenry yet, this is a great introduction!

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