The current recession, along with corrupt business practices, caused the investment bank Lehman Brothers to go bankrupt. Seven years ago, after Lehman acquired Peabody Coal, a delegation of Navajo, Hopi and Lakota elders warned them about the spiritual consequences of mining coal on the Black Mesa, which is sacred to all three tribes.

In her internet blog, Brenda Norrell quotes the Indians as saying, “Lehman Brothers, even though we are just a few here, we speak for the Creator, who is the majority. Therefore we demand you stop the Peabody coal mining and the slurry?

“Traditional and priesthood people don’t want this mining. The Hopi prophecies say that we have to protect land and life. If we don’t protect our beautiful Earth?our Heaven, our Mother, we will suffer with her?Our ancestors warned that someday this would happen?Our roots are rooted in our villages and it goes up to the whole universe. If we break these roots the world will get out of balance. I pray for you and hope that we open your eyes and you find the majority in your heart.”

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