Whitley Strieber has reported for years that the visitors have told him that the reason that they do not make contact with us is that the United States shoots at them, and now the UK Ministry of Defense has confirmed that this is military policy among Western nations.

Formerly classified British government UFO files reveal that two fighter planes were scrambled and ordered to shoot down a UFO that appeared over the English countryside in 1957. In Yahoo News, Peter Griffiths quotes Milton Torres, who piloted of one of the fighter jets, as saying, “I had a lock-on that had the proportions of a flying aircraft carrier. The larger the airplane, the easier the lock-on. This blip almost locked itself?The order came to fire a salvo of rockets at the UFO. The authentication was valid and I selected 24 rockets.” In typical UFO fashion, the mysterious craft hovered, flew in patterns, then disappeared suddenly at top speed when it was shot at?feats no human-engineered craft can accomplish even today.

After he returned to base, he was debriefed the next day by what many UFO experiencers will recognize as a “man in black.” Griffiths quotes Torres as saying that he “looked like a well-dressed IBM salesman?He threatened me with a national security breach if I breathed a word about it to anyone.”

Torres now lives in Miami. He says he was told to keep silent and he kept this pledge for over 50 years, but now that the UK has declassified this information, he undoubtedly feels that it?s safe to speak up.

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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