Meat consumption in the developed world needs to be cut by 50% per person by 2050 and for this to happen, industrial AND agricultural emissions need to be reduced by 50% if we are to meet this goal (it may be better for our health too!)

Greenhouse gas emissions don’t just come from CO2–they com from N2O as well. N20 is the third biggest cause of climate change, right behind carbon dioxide and methane. The main source of N2O in the atmosphere is the spreading of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers on crops and the use and storage of livestock manure.

Researcher Eric Davidson believes that we need a reduction of the developed world’s per capita meat consumption, which will relieve pressure on fertilizer demand and reduce growth in the amount of manure being produced. In the April 13th edition of the New York Times, James McWilliams quotes him as saying, "We have the technical know-how and the tools to greatly improve efficiencies of fertilizer use in agriculture, although several economic and political impediments often stand in the way of their adoption.

"If you had asked me 30 years ago if smoking would be banned in bars, I would have laughed and said that would be impossible in my lifetime, and yet it has come true. Similarly, there would be beneficial health benefits for most Americans and western Europeans to stop ‘supersizing’ and rather to reduce portion sizes of red meat."

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