Worms–the intestinal parasite type –may be useful in treating lung disease and healing wounds (which could be why they evolved to torment us in the first place). These worms infect over a billion people all over the world every year, and kill millions of them. However, they also trigger the elements of the immune system that are responsible for repairing damaged tissues and reducing inflammation.

They enter humans through the feet, when people–mostly in Africa or other tropical countries–step in mud or water that is contaminated with feces. The larvae then travel through the human circulatory system to the lungs, and eventually spread throughout the entire body. When they make it to the intestines, they produce millions of eggs, which contaminate human feces and the cycle starts all over again. Someday we may USE them to treat serious respiratory infections, such as pneumonia, which kills thousands of people in even first-world hospitals every year.

Doctors used to place blood-sucking leeches on patients–something that most of today’s physicians feel was futile. But worms? You may experience them in your future hospital visits.

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