Recent news has validated one of Whitley’s new journals about the fact that Christians are in peril all over the world (yet another thing that is under-reported in the mainstream media).

Gunmen killed at 7 people and wounded 3 in a drive-by shooting outside a church in southern Egypt as worshipers left a midnight Christmas mass. Coptic Christians make up about 10% of the population in Egypt, which is a Muslim country.

Egyptian Christians have long complained of prosecution by Muslims, including abductions of Coptic girls as young as 12, who are raped, forced to convert to Islam and forced into marriage with a Muslim, in a form of sex slavery. The police often cooperate with this and the girls are kept until a ransom is paid by their families, which is a problem since most Coptics are poor. Compromising photos of the girls are taken and they are forced to cooperate by a threat to publicize these. In the December 7th edition of the Washington Times, Julia Duin quotes Coptic activist Mary Abdelmassih as saying, “She’s told the pictures will go to her family. They’d rather die than have that happen. It’s a business. For each Christian girl who gets ‘converted,’ there are Islamic charities that give out money to the husband and the dealers who obtained her.” This is reminiscent of the awards that Saddam Hussein used to pay out to the families of Palestine suicide bombers who blew themselves up in Israel.

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