Why the Grays may be using it – Why do so many experiencers see a blue light, either coming from UFOs or even flooding their living rooms? It may be because different colors of light can control different parts of the brain.

Neuroscientists have developed a powerful new class of tools to reversibly shut down brain activity using different colors of light. When targeted to specific neurons, these tools could potentially lead to new treatments for the abnormal brain activity associated with disorders such as chronic pain, epilepsy, brain injury, and Parkinson’s disease. These tools work on the principle that such disorders might be best treated by silencing, rather than stimulating, brain activity. These “super silencers” exert exquisite control over the timing of the shutdown of overactive neural circuits, an effect that’s impossible with existing drugs or other conventional therapies.

Researcher Ed Boyden says, “Silencing different sets of neurons with different colors of light allows us to understand how they work together to implement brain functions.” Light activates the proteins in the brain, which lowers the voltage in the neurons and safely and effectively prevents them from firing. In this way, light can bathe the entire brain and selectively affect only those neurons sensitized to specific colors of light. Some neurons are specifically silenced by blue light.

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