Vote in our new poll and tell us what you think the most likely theory of the Kennedy assassination is?Oswald acted alone, it was done by vengeful Cuban exiles, Lyndon Johnson and the Texas political machine did it, the CIA did it because they feared Kennedy was soft on Communism, it was done to prevent him from divulging UFO secrets, it was a Mafia hit or it was a conspiracy, but none of the above. Last week we asked if you think great changes are coming soon?keep reading for the results of that poll.

Most of you (46%) think complete change is coming, both good and bad. 15% think the changes will be all bad, while 9% think they’ll be wonderful. 11% think there aren’t big changes on the way, and another 11% think it’s all just hype. That leaves 8% who think the future will be pretty much business as usual.

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